Chicago Med (S05E20) “A Needle in the Heart” Season Finale

The season finale of Chicago Med might not have felt like a season finale but it probably gave us one moment that will help carry us through to the new season. Here’s a recap!

risking his life chicago med - Chicago Med (S05E20) "A Needle in the Heart" Season Finale

In the season finale, Dr. Charles deals with how a patient been putting needles in his heart, while his teenage daughter has been acting strange due to teenage love stuff. But as he questions the patient’s means of putting needles in his heart, he realizes that panic attacks might not be just the cause but a genetic condition. 

Will starts his day questioning Hannah’s whereabouts; as she leaves him in the morning to go to a meeting but forgets her phone. At Med, Will deals with a strange patient that has a nasty skin infection; but the course of treatment almost kills him due to the fact that he used his friend’s ID.

But another patient comes in with needle marks on his arm and sees Hannah coming in. The other patient happens to be Hannah’s former boyfriend. Will starts to worry and after a talk with Maggie, Will trusts Hannah and they leave Med for the night.

Natalie and Crockett help a boy who has blood in the chest. During surgery, Natalie and Goodwin learn that the New Orleans police have a warrant or Crockett’s arrest for murder seven years ago. Natalie does what she does best and learns about Crockett’s past. She uses the information that he donated bone marrow and that the recipient who had his bone morrow still has his DNA. That got him cleared while the boy will make a full recovery.

All seemed lost for the Chexton fans, but as Ethan been doing a ride-along with the paramedics. Ethan and his team get a call of a shooting and as they head over there, Ethan goes in to help a boy with a gunshot wound. While being held hostage, Ethan tries to help save the boy. After a few hours, Ethan gets through with the shooter and just as he was going to turn in, SWAT comes in. April is there to make sure Ethan is okay and it looks like they might be with them.

“A Needle in the Heart” doesn’t feel like your traditional season finale; and that’s the thing we need to put in our heads about. Yes, it’s a regular episode but it left us with one question that could help carry us through the summer about April and Ethan. Also, Will and Hannah too. I still have doubts about her. Natalie does what Natalie does best she helps her colleagues no matter if she has disagreements or not with them. She cares and that’s what we should realize about her character. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

What did you think of the episode? Do you think Ethan and April will be back together by the time Season Six begins? Do you have doubts about Hannah or is this relationship with Will solid? Leave a comment and tell us your thoughts.

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You can catch Chicago Med available on all platforms, Google Play, iTunes and others. Hopefully, we’ll see the show back this fall!