Reece Caddell chats about “All That!”

Reece Caddell is redheaded, comedic, mega-talented and proving to be the perfect young star to revive Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series, All That! from the 90’s. New All That episodes air every Saturday at 8:30 p.m. (ET/PT). While she is the young, she is wise beyond her years and brings a seasoned amount of experience. Reece grew up in front of the camera, starting at just 5-years-old in HBO’s Hello Ladies, opposite Steven Merchant. She has stayed busy working with Scott Aukerman on Comedy Bang! Bang!, recurring ABC’s critically acclaimed comedy, Fresh Off The Boat, and Disney Channel’s Coop and Cami Ask the World.

Reece Cadell All That - Reece Caddell chats about "All That!"
Reece Caddell [Credit: Russell Baer]

Welcome to TV Series Hub! You’ve been in the business since you were 5 years old, how have things changed for you since then?

Well, I’m taller. And I can read my own scripts now, so that’s a big change. 🙂 But seriously, being a full-time actor now after 8 years of doing smaller roles and then larger roles and now a regular on a tv show is a huge change for me. I’m so grateful I’ve had so many years to get experience and try so many different kinds of roles!

What is something interesting about you that people are not aware of?

When I first started acting, we actually lived in Denver and my mom and sisters and I would come out to LA for a few months at a time, and go back and forth from where we lived in Colorado to LA. It was really hard to leave my dad back in Denver, but after doing this for seven years, my sisters and I were getting more acting roles and we finally made the move as a family to Los Angeles when I was 7.

How did you get into acting? Did your sisters have an influence in your career?

Oh, definitely! I was only 5 months old the first time we came out to Los Angeles to find an agent. My oldest sister, Cameron, wanted to be an actor and had an agent interested in her, so we came out to LA to meet with them and a manager. They saw my middle sister, Maddy, and thought she was really cute for commercials, so they signed both my sisters. My mom wouldn’t let me get into the business until I was 5 because I was kinda a wild child, hehehe. So when I started, my sisters already had a couple years of experience. That really helped. And my sisters have helped me learn my lines and practice for roles for years. We all help each other with acting stuff and I love that I have them! And, of course, we started our YouTube channel together when we moved to LA. Working with them is my very favorite thing!

You have experienced life on both sides of the world – East & West. How was the culture different? What was similar?

It was such an incredible experience to get to live in both Shanghai, China and Tokyo, Japan! They are both very different cultures from America, but also different from each other. In China, I was very aware of how ancient the culture was—such amazing art and history! And I’m pretty sure I saw socks for sale that were older than America! In Japan, the streets and everywhere were so clean! And the people were amazingly polite and there is a sense of innovation everywhere. Both China and Japan had such delicious food—my favorite food in China was pork soup dumplings and in Japan the ramen was amazing! Yum

You also make up ⅓ of “3 Ginger Sisters” on YouTube. What is your channel about? How did the name come to be?

The channel kinda named itself, really. There are three of us girls in our family and we all have red hair so…. We post original comedy sketches that we create and act in. We do all the writing, filming, editing, etc. We have learned so much working on everything on the channel—from how to write scripts, what we think is funny, and how to collaborate. More recently, we’ve done some travel vlogs, too, to document our trips in China and Japan.

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Reece Caddell and her co-stars in “All That”
[Credit: Paige Kindlick]

On to your acting career, you currently star in Nickelodeon’s sketch comedy series, “All That!” which is a revival of the original show in the 90’s (1994-2005). How has the show changed to cater to a new generation of fans?

Some things in comedy are always going to be funny—cats, people crashing through walls, food exploding all over. That kind of physical comedy is something kids have always and probably will always love. The reboot has some of those great comedic elements, but also has some pretty smart comedy that plays more into pop culture, which is something the new generation of fans have really responded to.

What makes sketch comedy special? How is it different from other kinds of comedies such as stand-up comedies or Saturday Night Live?

We actually describe All That as SNL for kids! Sketch comedy is special because it gives people a chance to see things that would be HILARIOUS if they happened in real life. There is tension in the anticipation of what is about to happen and sketch comedy takes that moment and just freaking makes it huge. So, yes, it might start to rain inside a ‘Weather Café’, but it’s going to end with a full-on tornado coming through the building. The characters in the sketch and the audience have a shared experience as the sketch unfolds and when the funny hits. Or the mac and cheese. Or the slime. There is so much slime on this show.

How did you land the role? How was the audition?

They had kids from all over America send in self-tapes and I got an audition from my agent. I was living in Tokyo at the time so my sister, Maddy, helped me tape it and we sent it off. A few days later, my agent called to say they wanted me to come to LA for a callback. At first, my parents weren’t sure if we should go back for it, because sometimes callbacks like this can be hundreds of kids. But our agent said they were really interested in me, so my mom and I flew to Los Angeles. For the callback, we had to have 3 characters we made up and do a little monologue with each of those characters. After I made it through the callback, they had us learn some additional scripts and then that same week, I got invited to go in front of the network executives to do all the characters and scripts I had been working on. I was probably nervous, but I just remember coming out of the meeting and being so pumped because it was so fun! I flew back to Tokyo and the next week I got the call that I had booked the role! I stayed in Tokyo for a few months while they continued casting to get the group of 7 kids we started Season 11 with (Aria Brooks joined the cast partway through the season as our 8th cast member).

The original show ended before you were born, but you have mentioned that you used to watch it as a child. How are you incorporating the essence of the original show into the revival?

When I was in the audition process, the casting directors said to study old All That sketches for reference, so I watched a ton of the episodes and loved the show! It’s just so funny! For the new episodes, we really try to keep the same unique vibe that the original show had. For a new generation of fans who have the internet and social media and stuff like that, we bring in stuff that is relevant to the here and now while still keeping it wholesome for kids and families to watch together. I think this is part of what makes All That so great—that families can watch it together and laugh together. I love watching it with my family!

What are the most important topics to be touched on for children?

I think something that is really important to me is feeling safe and loved in such a crazy-feeling time that we are living in right now. I mean, the world feels really intertwined and I think kids can get pretty anxious about all the hard things you hear about. I don’t think life is any worse than it was before, but we hear about it so much more and it all feels bad. So, I think it’s important for me and other kids to feel safe to grow up and feel secure.

What has been the funniest experience so far?

Oh, well, it wasn’t funny at the exact minute it happened, but it’s pretty funny now! When the cast was first announced, we did a press tour in New York City and it was SO fancy and SO cool! We were doing a fun little game on The Today Show with Kennan Thompson and Kel Mitchell and at one point I had to introduce myself and where I was from and I completely forgot where I was from! I just stood there blinking for a few VERY LONG SECONDS until it finally came to me. Denver, by the way. That’s where I’m from.

If you had to sell the show, how would you?

My elevator pitch for it is “it’s a SNL-like sketch comedy show made for kids by kids.” Hehe!

What other projects are you working on? Do you have any roles you are dying to get?

We aren’t quite done filming Season 11 of All That, so I’m still pretty focused on it right now. We got a pick-up of additional episodes, so we are shooting 36! But I would love to do a sci-fi horror movie. Or fantasy. Or thriller. Or, of course, more comedy!

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Reece Caddell on “Schooled”
[Credit: Eric McCandless]

You have also starred in “Fresh off the Boat” and “Schooled”, both comedies, does it seem like comedy is where you excel?

I love comedy! I think it’s one of my strengths in acting, for sure. I’ve done some drama (Heathers) and played a few mean girls and that can be fun to play around with in a story, too. I remember when I was going to audition for Heathers and at first I wasn’t going to do it because the character was so mean, haha! I keep working on all kinds of acting so I can be good at those things, too.

With Coronavirus (Covid-19) making everyone stay at home, how should people handle being “locked up” under quarantine?

I don’t know if there are any ‘should’s’. I mean, I think we’re all trying to stay calm in this weird crisis. But if I could make a suggestion, I’d definitely encourage people to watch comedies. I think art and stories are going to be what gets us through this! Sure, organize your sock drawer if you really want to, but definitely laugh every day. Also, please stop hording the toilet paper. We are down to our last 4 rolls over here and I am legit concerned about what’s going to happen next… (paper towels aren’t an option so do not even TRY to convince me.)

Where do you see yourself in the next few years?

Well, older, for sure. Maybe old enough to be on Saturday Night Live? Is there a minimum age for that show? I need to check…and maybe I’ll get to be in some epic movies! I want to make something with my sisters, too, so that would be so cool!

Thank you for joining us, do you have any final words for our readers? Any word of advice?

Thank you so much for this interview! If you wanna see more of me, you can catch me on my Instagram, @itsreececaddell! Stay safe, wash your hands and share the tp!