Chicago PD (S07E20) “Silence of the Night” Season Finale

The season finale of Chicago PD really felt like a season finale as Atwater faces his biggest challenge yet. Here’s a recap! 190644 0320 - Chicago PD (S07E20) "Silence of the Night" Season Finale

The season finale of Chicago PD titled “Silence of the Night” was such a stunning; but thrilling at the end that left us with a nice cliffhanger. As Atwater goes undercover to take down an illegal gun seller; he bumps into a familiar face Doyle, the cop that shot a black man in front o Atwater during an undercover sting that happened a year ago.

The two teams up putting their differences aside and while they got the guy and his team; the worst was yet to come when Doyle makes a stop and profiles a black kid who was carrying a duffle bag thinking that it was drugs. He was wrong as he got shot to death for it. Both Intelligence and Doyle’s team help track the killers; but what it comes down to was Atwater telling Voight what had really happened and after talking to Voight and Ray Price. Atwater decides to tell the truth.

The ending while Voight and Ruzek tell Atwater that they got his back no matter what; as Atwater goes home he sees Doyle’s partner and tries to pick a fight. But instead, Doyle’s partner leaves with his squad car light on along with many, many other squad cars driving by Atwater; as he tells them that he’s standing and won’t go anywhere.

Also, in the first few minutes of the episode, we see Jay talking with Hailey, who’s still in New York at the FBI, and they are talking about how much they miss each other. I can’t wait to see next season for them!

“Silence of the Night” of Chicago PD was out o the rest of the Chicago shows that had abrupted season finales, felt like a true season-ending.  LaRoyce Hawkins gives a stunning performance as this episode progressed to what I call a goosebump ending. I thought after Atwater talked with Price that he was going to not tell what really had happened but I didn’t get it till after Voight told him that they got his back that I realized what he did. That ending was such a goosebump chilling scene that I thought was one of the best. Even that moment when Atwater was watching Voight and Halstead interview suspects were so good too.

Overall, I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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