RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E08) “Droop”

Guys I’m going to be real with you. This week was really hard for Drag Race fans, myself included. You know I trust in the judges. While I may have my own personal biases as far as who’s my favourite, I generally still agree with any criticism that they receive. This week… just wasn’t the case. It has happened before in previous seasons, but this time was definitely a bit too much. Below I am going to discuss what is commonly known in many reality show fandoms as “robbery”.

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Robbery is similar to what its natural meaning implies. It is when a contestant either unjustly loses or is eliminated. This week was absolutely a case of that. This season has had obvious front runners, and they’ve given a lot of the Queens decent edits. This of course could be because of the removal of you know who, but Jan was being set up as a top ranking queen. She absolutely should have won last week. This week wasn’t her best, but hers was much better than a few of the other Queens. Her runway look was also stunning. She should not have been lip syncing. The judges have let others in the past be in the bottom multiple times before they ever touched the bottom two. Jan’s track record has been pretty great, so it just didn’t make sense.

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In previous seasons we’ve seen handfuls of other Queens suffer the same fate. Notably; Katya, Miz Cracker, Nina West, Shangela (mostly in her All Stars season), Raven, and Manila Luzon. I’m sure there are some I’m forgetting, but as you can see it happen more than anyone would like it to. Yes, it is a reality show, so the producers do have to work their magic. However when they purposely tank a contestant it’s heart breaking. There is probably stuff we don’t see because we only get about an hour’s worth of a show. However I feel like if something is pertinent enough we should see it. It’s clear how hard all these girls work to be there and to remain in the competition, so I want them to have the best chances they can. I don’t want to think that most of them never stood a chance to begin with.