Interview with Natalie Sharp star on The Flash

Hey everyone, today I had the privilege to talk with Natalie Sharp. You might recognize her as Shona from Van Helsing Season 4 or as Sunshine from The Flash Season 6.

Natalie Sharp recently joined CW’s “The Flash” as a dangerous new meta named ‘Sunshine.’ Sunshine is a wild card seeking to wreak havoc on Central City, and things aren’t getting any easier for Barry and his friends.

Natalie Sharp is a Canadian actress, singer and songwriter from Vancouver, BC. She began working in TV guest-starring for CW’s cult hit series, Supernatural, and later appearing on the hit shows Motive, You Me Her, Loudermilk, and Syfy’s Van Helsing. She could also be seen in The Miracle Season alongside Academy Award winners Helen Hunt and William Hurt. She shared her singing chops on the musical comedy Hit the Road from Audience Network as the daughter to Jason Alexander’s character and the lead singer of the series. Most recently she was seen on the90210 revival, BH90210. The beauty stars as ‘Anna,’ a successful, millennial TV writer who is involved with the dynamic set of 90210, both professionally and personally.

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Natalie Sharp
[Photo Credit: Bobby Quillard]

Q 1) When you heard you were being casted on The Flash, what was your reaction?

A) Wait… seriously?!?
Haha I thought I completely bombed my audition ! Funny story now, every actor’s nightmare THEN. I forgot my line, and there was a long pause, then I nervously recovered asking FOR my line, and then my reader gave me the wrong line ! Then we began to discuss how that was the wrong line. Face. Palm. I left mortified. The rest of the audition I think I blocked out of my memory.

Q 2) When did you learn that you were playing the villainous Sunshine on The Flash series?

A) I believe it was in December. Best Christmas gift ever 🙂

Q 3) I have to admit seeing you on The Flash as such an amazing portrayal of a villain makes me hope you’ll be back in a future episode. Do you think you will return?

A) Can’t say… but make sure to always carry around a pair of some polarized lenses 😉 Safety first.

Q 4) Did you read up on sunshine and who the character really was back in the comics or did they just tell you about the character?

A) I actually happen to be the first original villain that is not from the DC comics! They fully created my role for the show which gave me a lot of freedom with the character.

Q 5) When you were on the set of The Flash, did you feel any pressure?

A) Not really any pressure actually. I feel right in my element over there. That set is so much fun, it feels like filming with friends! Everyone is so welcoming and the role itself gives me so much liberty to play!

Q 6) Now I could talk about the flash all day, but I also remember you on Van Helsing and how much of a badass you portrayed as Shona. What was it like being a part of Jack’s backstory?

A) I mean I have always wanted to do action/ adventure/ post apocalyptic/ survival… so it was the best. That episode was actually very emotional to film, because the theme of it was a school shooting. It’s a topic I am incredibly passionate about and so it really made the whole experience so meaningful.

Q 7) In Van Helsing, this episode is still so fresh in my mind, as if I just watched it yesterday, did the show runners or anyone tell you that you would play in only one episode or did you find out later?

A) We all knew that this was going to be a one time thing. I do think it would take away the impact of Jack’s arc if one of us was able to come back. It really makes that episode sacred to have it closed.

Q 8) I have to admit, I really thought Shona and Shelley we’re going to survive with Jack in that flashback episode. If they would’ve written things differently how would you have wanted Shona to go down in the vampire apocalypse?

A) I would want Shona to fight to the bitter end. Completely surrounded by vampires with a blade in each hand, at every angle, totally mercing it, until it gets too intense. The vampires keep flooding in, and she realizes she’s done fighting. She drops her swords and … FADE TO BLACK.

Q 9) Are there any hilarious moments/stories you remember happening on set of either The Flash or Van Helsing that you could possibly share with us today?

A) I didn’t know what name to call Grant on set while he was the Flash. In his suit…. Let me explain. It was my first day, we were rehearsing the scene and I had to address Grant, and I proceeded to say nervously “Barry, uhhh I mean… Grant… uh I mean… THE FLASH!” Everyone was cracking up, and Grant just looked at me and smiled and was like “I mean, technically they are all right.” Lol it was both embarrassing and cute. I hope.

Q 10) Last question cause I know you’re a busy lady, if you could hang out with two cast members for a whole day from either The Flash or Van Helsing set, who would they be and why?

A) Definitely Tom Cavanaugh because he is the most spontaneous, fun loving, hilarious human. And then my second choice would probably be Jesse Martin, cause we could sing musical theatre songs at the top of our lungs and harmonize all day 🙂