Prodigal Son (S01E19) “The Professionals”

After 3 very long weeks, Prodigal Son is back with its second last episode of the season. The Whitly family has been challenged, emotionally, mentally and physically. Is there a ray of sunshine in their futures? Don’t hold your breath on that one. (Spoilers Ahead)

All About Eve

Malcolm (Tom Payne) is not over Eve (Molly Griggs). He found a real connection with someone who seemed to understand his darkness. Sealing the end of their relationship in a voice mail, it appears to be the end. Imagine Malcolm’s shock and heartache when he realizes just how final it is.

Eve is dead.

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Heartache and realities. (Photo: IMDB) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

Gil (Lou Diamond Phillips) always seems to bring tidings of bad news. Eve’s death is deemed as a “suicide” and with the plethora of issues Eve has had, it’s hard not to buy into the unthinkable. Malcolm see’s something else though. In those heartbreaking moments in the morgue, Edrisa (Keiko Agena) works diligently on his lost love. Eve wouldn’t take the “easy way out”, without a shadow of a doubt she was murdered.

Evil Lurks in Plain Sight

The news of Eve’s death eventually reaches Jessica (Bellamy Young), who is just as devastated as Malcolm. Nicholas Endicott ( Dermot Mulroney) conveniently is there in her time of need. He seems to be found around the family abode more often than not. Which is concerning, considering his questionable endeavors. He is not the man he appears to be, and Malcolm isn’t the only one to pick up on that. Ainsley (Halston Sage) and her sleuthing skills are working overtime.

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Family Reunion, indeed. (Photo: IMDB) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

There is only one man who can give them some peace of mind (and perhaps answers), Martin (Michael Sheen). Who knows much more than he’s letting on. Great minds think alike, and in this case, it runs in the family. Ainsley is already with her father, causing an awkward family reunion. It’s time for the truth, he owes them that much. To be fair he did warn Eve to stop digging into Sophie’s past.

It takes a monster to create a monster

It all comes back to Nicholas. He doesn’t like to get his hands dirty though so there is no real trail to follow. He’s the reason why Martin is in the “penthouse” suite in his current facility. An arrangement was made between the two of them, for Martin’s silence on incriminating information, he would be secure and comfortable in his prison, and if he was ever inclined to tell, Nicholas would take down everything he ever held dear. His family. It’s the one Achilles heel that Martin has, his one weakness, and as we learn you don’t tell Nicholas “No”.

prodigalsons01e199 - Prodigal Son (S01E19) “The Professionals”
Ready for a diversion? (Photo: IMDB) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

You can’t profile a shadow, especially when they hire assassins to do their dirty work. Malcolm has hit a wall, but the rest of the team rallies behind him. Sharing in his grief, as they use one of Gil’s “contacts”, to find a possible killer. The Nightingale (Dagmara Dominczyk), who is focused on her latest hit. Malcolm causes a “diversion” to draw her out, using her target as bait. It may be insane, but it works. Leading Dani (Aurora Perrineau) on a chase and some badass combat. If only it was the person they were looking for.

Dead Ends. Dead Girls.

There is no question in their minds that Nicholas is evil. Even Jessica has resorted to seeing the bigger, depressing picture. She hasn’t had the best of luck when it comes to men, her track record can speak for itself. There has always been one man, a good man, who has been with her since it all started. Gil. The window of opportunity closed long ago, or did it? Grief and hard liquor can bring out unsaid truths and feelings.

prodigalsons01e198 - Prodigal Son (S01E19) “The Professionals”
The evil mastermind. (Photo: Screen Capture) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

Ainsley, showing no fear, decides to trail Nicholas on her own. This only garners his undivided attention and promises to showcase Ainsley’s reporting prowess. It’s a very dangerous game she has entered, and she has no idea who (or what) she is up against. She is out to prove that she will never step down, but this may surely prove to be a dangerous decision on her part.

Under Their Noses

JT (Frank Harts) and Malcolm find their way to Eve’s apartment, which is painful for Malcolm. JT does his best to comfort him, the only way he knows how, with an awkward story of his own. It’s rather endearing, how his opinion of Malcolm has changed throughout the season, there are real care and concern in his connection now. It doesn’t take them long to find the tiny culprits in the ceilings. She was being monitored, by whoever lived upstairs.

prodigalsons01e1921 1024x753 - Prodigal Son (S01E19) “The Professionals”
Martin, the victim? (Photo: IMDB) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

Who is the killer? Eddie (Matthew Lawler). Who also is a guard who is filling in for Martin’s usual one. How convenient is that? Nicholas does have his eyes and ears exactly where they need to be. Can Malcolm and the rest of the team get to his father’s “sanctuary” before it’s too late? No. Eddie is quicker. Martin went back on his word and Nicholas is collecting on his end of the bargain.

The situation may look dire, but Martin is cold and calculated in his way. He is deadly and knows how to hold his own. When Malcolm pleads for his dad’s life, this ignites something in Martin who takes control of the situation. Subduing Eddie by blinding him in the most brutal way possible. They’ve got their man, but it doesn’t bring back Eve, now does it?

The end is near

Finding the killer isn’t closure when the real culprit is still out there. Nicholas is Malcolm’s real target, and he will do anything to bring him down. At this point, Nicholas has been one step ahead of them the whole time, so why would he stop now? Malcolm decides to pay Eddie a visit in the hospital, but that proves to be a dire mistake.

prodigalsons01e191 1024x681 - Prodigal Son (S01E19) “The Professionals”
Malcolm, done with chasing ghosts. (Photo: IMDB) (Prodigal Son (S01E19))

As Malcolm laments in his sadness, grappling with the ghost of Eve, the SWAT team enters his apartment, along with Gil, Dani, and JT. Why would they be there? He’s under arrest for the murder of Eddie, of course, with significant evidence pointing to him as the culprit due to Edrisa’s diligent surveying.

Nicholas is surely behind this. He is going to destroy them all.

Closing Thoughts

There have been so many twists and turns this season, it’s hard to focus on just one thing. That’s one of the points that keeps audiences engaged in this show, wanting more. We have no word on whether there will be a second season as of yet, but in my personal opinion, we need more of these types of shows on television. The dark madness is a perfect break in the mundane.

The Season One Finale for Prodigal Son airs Monday, April 27 on FOX at 9/8c.

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