The Flash(S06E16) “So Long and Goodnight”

Alright my readers, welcome back.  It’s been four or five weeks since our last new episode due to the Corona Virus. Therefore, let’s get to this review!

In this episode we are able to welcome back Rag Doll (Troy Baker). It’s been a while since we last saw him and I always love these episodes with him in it. I don’t know what it is about Rag Doll, but I love just how creepy his presence makes an episode.  Unfortunately, Rag Doll has been enlisted into the Blackhole Organization as an assassin to kill Joe (Jesse L. Martin).

With Barry/The Flash (Grant Gustin) unable to use his speed, life has been getting harder for our main character. Hopefully they will create that new speed force soon, so that Barry won’t have to worry anymore. I think we finally get an idea of how much pain Barry really is in. It does suck, but how long it will take Barry to figure out that Iris (Candice Patton) is not Iris? I honestly thought we were going to see him figure it out by the season finale.

Honestly I’m loving the episodes this season and what I’m loving the most is the Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) and Sue Dearbon (Natalie Dreyfuss) entanglement. It reminds me a bit of the Batman and Catwoman duo except the difference between Catwoman and Sue. Sue’s stealing to try to clear her parents’ names from the evil Carver (Eric Nenninger). This proves that she is working hard to try to take down the villainous man. Sue is an interesting character, but she was interesting in the comics too. You can show that Sue is showing her side for liking Ralph.

I also really like the friendship between Ralph and Cisco (Carlos Valdes). It’s come a long way since that time when Ralph was a pain in the ass and Cisco was always getting irritated by him. I just hope that this friendship lasts in upcoming seasons.

I know a lot of people are worried that Jesse L. Martin is leaving the show. I can assure you that he’s not and they are going to bring him back. We can’t lose Captain Joe West just yet in the series. Since Joe is a target, they wrote the character out of current episodes until they figure things out with Carver. I give it at least close to the season finale forJoe’s return.

Now, let’s talk about that twist at the end. Singh (Patrick Sabongui) is a mirror doppelgänger as well! I did not see that coming at all! When did Singh switch into a mirror double? Is the real Singh in the mirror world? So many questions that I’m sure won’t be answered in this season.

Next Episode: The Flash (S06E17) “Liberation” airs Tuesday April 28, 2020 at 7/8c on The CW