“Home Human 2020”: COVID-19 Feed a Child Coalition

TV Series Hub had the pleasure to ‘sit down’ with Uga Carlini and Donovan Copley,  two people behind the “Home Human 2020”: COVID-19 Feed a Child Coalition. This article serves to inform readers about the cause, how it came to be, and becoming part of the movement.

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Home Human 2020 Poster by Maryke Sutherland

Note: This article includes adapted extracts from the interview with Uga Carlini and Donovan Copley. 

“Donovan phoned me as I was contemplating the fact of having to do laundry again, very clearly recalling his excitement. “I have this idea”, he said, and funny enough I was the least bit inspired. Though I have much more time now, I have no creativity. While everyone is acquiring new skills, I’m conflicted between having free time and being stuck in my privileged prison.”, Uga, a ‘filmmaker by day and night’.

With both artists being parents, Donovan was extremely moved when hearing about the kids and what the feeding scheme is for: “When Uga told me about these children that usually get their (often only) meal at school and now weren’t eating, it just broke my heart. With 3 sons of my own, it was hard imagining them starving in the face of everything else that is going on in the world right now. We had to do something about it.”

Donovan and Uga felt the need to contribute in relieving tension in the ongoing crisis, “both of us felt that we really needed to do something about this crazy crisis and this whole plan unfolded very organically for us,” Uga stated. Sitting in his office, Donovan thought about how much business he had lost but nonetheless, wanted to be of service in a time like this, helping those in need. With that, he and Uga joined forces, both willing to do their part.

The beauty behind the whole movement is unlike a few fundraisers, neither were getting paid for their services, Uga commenting to the fact, “None of us is getting paid for this. None of us is taking a cent for this, it is still money going out, that is the nature of the game, but every single person involved and there are a lot of people behind this, we doing it so that every single last cent can go to this fund.” She then further explained how everything came together for her, “I think the motivation and inspiration came when the same moment Donovan pitched the idea to me, a friend of mine in the US lost her dad to COVID-19. I think the combination of someone I knew and the despair of these children being lost is what drove me to not stop until we were done.” 

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Uga Carline (left), Home Human 2020 Poster (centre) & Donovan Copley (right)
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Most of the work happened over the Easter Weekend, Uga recalls, “We made some calls, which was quite an interesting process: getting everything in place. There wasn’t only a rather large creative input to it but also legally. Being Easter weekend, hats off to government: we needed an official letter to attract major investors, an official endorsement to specify the fundraiser’s legibility, amongst other hurdles we needed to jump. Every second that we accomplished nothing was one more child we could have fed. For Donovan and the rest of those involved, as I said, there is a team of heroes in this, the people sending videos and then, of course, they get the text message “Donovan, it is in portrait, it needs to be in landscape, they need to do it again.” What came next was unexpected as the person we sent it to A, B, and C sent it to their friends and a music video of 4 minutes had 5 hours of footage to choose from. That was also like wow – so many incredible ones didn’t make it, it is like saying “choose your favorite child”, you can’t, it is not how it works. It can never be the same after this, I am so inspired by humanity after this – the team in this and everyone. It has been such a joy, there have been no hassles, not once, no one has been a brat, it has been an incredible bunch of people – I think it is the spirit of what we are trying to do here.”

Right there “Home Human 2020” was created with all proceeds donated to the fund, Donovon mentioned: “We have donated the copyright income of HOME during this time to the COVID-19 Feed A Child Coalition which feeds hungry children in South Africa at this critical time.” In simple words, Donovan stated: “with every view a child gets food!” answering the question which inspired him: “How can we be in service at this time?”

Funny enough, you can feel their passion and the team behind this, a total of 5 hours of footage was captured, and a challenge to come out soon. Uga adds, “But, we don’t want to crowd everyone with everything – [we] have got a plan.” She also mentioned about every filmmakers’ pain: “When you make a 90-minute movie, there are 90 minutes on the floor that was perfect and beautiful and what serves the story.” Donovan joked: “In this case, it was 4 hours and 56 minutes on the floor out of 4 minutes left.”

Uga also gave a shoutout to her team, “It has been an incredible process, I must say, I think all of our people from this, our colourist our editor Joe, our designer Maryke and then as the people joined now we have some incredible publicist.” Since they are freelancers, they still have bills to pay but Uga reiterated saying: “all of us have bills to pay, and yet you know what, it doesn’t matter because we are going to pay our bills – we will make a plan. This is bigger than us all and I think that is the power here and the drive.”

An important issue is the element of trust, Uga mentioned how they have been dealing with this. “on the youtube channel, someone commented how refreshing that we get to see that this money goes straight into an official fund. The bank details of this fund are on the actual youtube channel. In this case, the official COVID-19 Feed a Child Coalition goes through the Western Cape disaster fund which channels into the COVID-19 feeding scheme and I have spoken personally, so how it goes is: there is a list of NGOs, big and small, all people who are feeding children, I have spoken to 7 of them who are getting their money from this fund. There is no secret that this fund is doing that, the details are there. Even the QR code gives you 3 options – Snapscan, Paypal and something else if you don’t feel like doing it the traditional way. It doesn’t come to us, it doesn’t go via anybody, it goes straight to the account. If anyone has any queries or issues, we have an official letter signed by all relevant parties that makes this an official certified fundraiser for the COVID-19 Feeding Scheme specifically.” Donovan also promised transparency, as everything is going to go through his publisher, “I am going to to make that public, and publish the statement for this song from my publisher so everyone can see exactly how the views translate financially.” Furthermore, Uga added “With the QR code, anytime someone makes a payment, I get an SMS, so we can track that, and they also give you statements. There are direct deposits into the accounts which they will see what that is.” And they are in it all, Donovan added: “literally all income streams are going to the fund during these crises.”

In the spirit of helping others, this article is trying to bring exposure to Home Human 2020: COVID-19 Feed a Child Coalition. A massive thank you to Uga & Donovan for taking their time to share more about Home Human 2020 and how everyone is able to assist.

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