Killing Eve (S03E02) “Management Sucks”

Management sucks is an interesting episode. We begin by stepping into Kenny’s funeral with Eve and meeting his annoying and clingy boss. Eve is heartbroken and angry. Konstantin makes a guest appearance and chastised by Eve. Feeling maybe slightly compassionate, he wordlessly consoles Carolyn though I highly doubt that is the reason as we know Konstantin always has multiple motives. Then we get a surprise as we meet Carolyn’s daughter. She recognizes Konstantin and there is a delightful little bonding scene over Russian curses and childhood memories.

On the other hand, Dasha and Villanelle are in Barcelona chatting up about their lives. Dasha shares wisdom with Villanelle about how winners have to be alone. Villanelle reiterates how she took care of the Eve situation and is ready to move up in the world.

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Villanelle on the streets of Barcelona [credit: IMDb]
This episode really highlighted Carolyn’s personality. She demands better music at the funeral. Her reaction to Kenny’s death is subdued as people around her lose it in visible ways (Eve screams and leaves and Kenny’s presumable girlfriend bawls in the bathroom). Meanwhile, Carolyn unflinchingly goes back to work after the funeral and participates in late-night activities.

Carolyn’s unraveling

It’s interesting to note that Konstantin brings out the humanity in Carolyn. She leans into his touch while staring at Kenny’s pictures at the funeral, but immediately jumps away too. Until this point, all we knew about Carolyn was surface level. She seemed invincible and a tour de force that never let anything get to her. However, this season we see how much she’s actively pushing inside to portray that image. I am not arguing that she is a soft person who is pretending to be strong. The woman is made of steel no doubt and she loves it too. Unfortunately there are things that get to her. Demotion at work or Kenny’s death has a lasting impact on her. However, she works on a different level as she can process them whilst still working.

We do get to see her have a traditional breakdown after her conversation with Audrey, Kenny’s supposed girlfriend. She revealed that she had some regret over being hard on him. Furthermore, in conversation with Mo, we find out how deeply it affects her as she confesses how helpless she feels at work and due to abandoning her son’s murder investigation.

Villanelle as Manager

Meanwhile, Villanelle is assigned the job of managing a new recruit, Felix, in order to be promoted to the Keeper position. She bonds with him over terrible romantic relationship experience. However, the bonding doesn’t last long as Villanelle breaks and murders him while on a job and complains about how management sucks. 

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Villanelle and Felix at a party dressed as clowns [credit: IMDb]
This episode really establishes the Konstantin’s helplessness. He’s under The Twelve’s thumb and unable to go be with his family. His arc has been interesting since Killing Eve started. All he wanted was to make money and be with his family. Poor guy has always been separated from them for one job or another. Sometimes it’s the MI6, other times it’s KGB, or it is the Twelve. So, we can understand why he gifts Geraldine with a bug to spy on them.

Eve finds out through a gruesome photograph that Villanelle is alive. She also gets involved in solving Kenny’s murder by investigating his phone with the help of his Bitter Pill colleagues. However, she gives up for a while when she doesn’t find anything. She is finally brought to her senses when the Bitter Pill boss rails into her for trying to do everything alone and not trusting anybody.

Finally, the best scene of the episode is when Villanelle finds out Eve is alive by Konstantin. She really rips into him for betraying her in Rome. Nothing seems to matter to her when she discovers Eve is alive and we see her teary-eyed. Jodie Comer is a goddess and that is that.


  1. “I appreciated the homage to Dasha. Original is always best. I would have used the turmeric.”
  2. “I like it like that.”
  3. “It’s like seeing a new doctor every time. I have to explain everything from the beginning.”
  4. “Holiday, you need sunshine.”
  5. “A: for excellent killing. B: you could do better.”
  6. “Management is not easy. It is watching somebody do job worse than you. That’s why it sucks.” TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN.
  7. “I believe in you.” “So it’s that kind of thing.” “Exactly!” I’m a Dasha fangirl. It’s official.
  8. “Just so you know, I am kind of a big deal in this industry.”
  9. “It’s my son and I can’t solve it.”
  10. “Geraldine, why don’t you go and do your thing where you close your eyes and breathe.” Carolyn, I CAN’T EVEN!
  11. “If I killed everybody who betrayed me, there would be nobody left.” My poor baby, Villanelle! So angry at Konstantin..!
  12. “Management SUCKS!” Yes, Villanelle!

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