Love 101 premieres


Set primarily in 1998, the series tells the story of four misfits: Kerem, Eda, Osman, and Sinan. All come from different circles and none of them are friends, but they all get into trouble repeatedly.

All four have gone to the school board multiple times on the threat of expulsion. The head of the school and most teachers have had enough and they are ready to expel them. The only person who saves them is Ms. Burcu, who is a Vice Principal. She is the only one who stands between them and expulsion yet again.

And so, when they get the news that Burcu is set to be transferred at the end of the school year, the four misfits decide to work together. They come up with the plan to make Burcu fall in love with someone and make her want to stay in Istanbul and just as they struggle to find a candidate to pair her with, in walks Kemal, the new basketball coach.

New on Netflix.