Eden Wood – Multi-talented Superstar – chats about “Next Big Thing NYC”

Eden Wood is a sweet southern girl raised on a farm in the piney woods and mountains of Arkansas. At six months old, Eden made her debut on stage in a show choir performance and hasn’t stopped since! At age fourteen months, she started her pageant career. She started acting at age 3, when she starred in “The Angry Box” a short documentary shot in Shreveport, Louisiana. Eden was the breakout star on TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras runaway hit show until she “retired” at six years old!

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Eden Wood
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The following year, she starred in her own show “Eden’s World!” Eden starred in the Universal Studio’s remake of “Little Rascals, Save The Day” as Darla before turning eight in late 2012. Eden played a deaf child in “Appearances Can Be Deceptive,” a short film filmed in Los Angeles in 2014. She also filmed with TLC again in 2016 for the reboot of Toddlers and Tiaras. Also in 2016, she filmed a project with Amazon that airs in the summer of 2018.  She modeled in New York Fashion Week, she hosted her first Red Carpet in Orlando, Florida, and starred as Peter Pan in a Theater Production of the timeless kids classic.

Eden Wood makes straight As and is a cheerleader. She also studies dance and guitar, and plays drums in the marching band. Eden walked in New York Fashion Week for February 2018! She loves music and wants to pursue her modeling and acting career now as a teenager.

Welcome to TV Series Hub, you were the star of Toddlers and Tiaras almost instantaneously. How did that fame affect your childhood?

The fame…I really didn’t know I was famous! Honestly, I was just a little kid that was living a normal life on my mom’s farm, riding four wheelers and FEEDING COWS! Then another day jumping on a plane to go film something etc! It was just MY LIFE you know! I loved doing both and my mom ALWAYS said and still does, “I want you to be a good human, with a good heart and know where you are from! Her exact words are, “Doesn’t matter how beautiful or successful you are IF YOU DON’T HAVE A GOOD HEART! So now at 15, I think my childhood gave me a unique view of life and all the possibilities THAT IT CAN BE! So, for me and how I was raised, I think it was definitely a positive because my mom kept my normal life and my professional life separate.

Did you like being on the show?

I loved being on TV! it was cool to sit in my house in Arkansas and see myself on a show that was on TV! I remember back then, my grandma and I watching Max & Ruby (the cartoon) and watching myself on Toddlers and thinking that was cool! I was probably in my little kid brain hoping I would be a cartoon! 😋LOL

What do you think you’d be doing now if you hadn’t been on the show?

That is a no brainer! So what I do now is what I did then! I go to my High School (4.0 GPA by the way😀), I am a Varsity Cheerleader, I ride four wheelers, I travel, I audition, I have sleepovers, I HAVE HOMEWORK….I hop a plane to NY or LA then come right back to my life away from all that in Arkansas! I think the show was definitely a great platform for me because it opened doors that most kids don’t get especially where I’m from. Had it not been for Toddlers and Tiaras or even pageants in general, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to audition for “The Little Rascals-Save the Day!” I MEAN HOW COOL IS THAT! I, because of a pageant show, got an audition to play an iconic character, Darla, in a movie!

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Eden Wood
[Credit: Cambrie Littlefield]

Do you ever wish you’d just had a normal childhood?

So like I said, I really did have a normal childhood! My mom made very sure that I really had the best of both worlds. I think we hear so much about the tragic lives of some child stars we forget that there are some of us that have a normal well rounded journey. It’s everything in moderation thing! I was just taught as far back as I can remember that this is all great, but that who I am as a person is worth way more than the fame! I mean I am getting ready to start taking practice ACT’s for college and have maintained a straight A average in school still doing things in the industry and traveling! ( at least up until Corona hit) All of this is MY normal! It’s the life of Eden Wood😍 and it’s a wonderful life!

Do you ever get embarrassed when people say they used to watch you on Toddlers or Tiaras? Did anything that happened on the show embarrass you, watching it now?

No not at all! I think it’s so funny, as well as, cool EVEN… to be honest! I watch the old shows and just laugh and smile! I loved the stage and the performing….what I did not love was hairspray! Long before the show, I DID NOT LIKE HAIRSPRAY when I was in a pageant circuit ANNNNNND……I STILL DON’T! LOL😎
As far as anything specific embarrassing me on the show…..I really can’t think of or remember anything just maybe my meltdown over the bed? However, even that had a happy ending! The owner of the company called and asked my mom and I to breakfast literally that night after the pageant….AND GAVE ME MY OWN CUSTOM BED made just for me! True story! So for me Toddlers and Tiaras was and is a BLESSING!

You and Isabella met during Toddlers and Tiaras and even recorded a song together. Are you still friends? Have you worked together since?

Yes we did meet during Toddlers and Tiaras and totally are very real friends. Not industry friends, but real friends that just happen to be in the industry. We just bonded instantly and our relationship has remained strong for over 10 years! We travel together, stay in LA together when auditioning and our mom’s are very good friends and we go and stay with them quite a bit. On what have we worked on together, well there are numerous things over the years, but the more recent ones include New York Fashion Week, filming with Famous Birthdays in Santa Monica and right now we both are in post production of a new series for Amazon called Next Big Thing! Bella and I are actually more like family and we love spending time together! Bella is SO FUNNY and smart! I know that when we are 40 years old, we will still be FRIENDS and still having fun together!

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Eden Wood
[Credit: Amanda Crane]

What have you been up to since you left the show? What do you have coming up?

So since I “retired” at 6🤔lol, I had my own show Eden’s World, I filmed a movie “Little Rascals-Save The Day” (I was Darla), filmed several Independent things, but the two that stand out are Appearances Can Be Deceptive in which I played a deaf girl and had to learn my lines in Sign Language in 2014. Then in 2016 I filmed with Lauren Greenfield (who is a fabulous director) for her Documentary Generation Wealth, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival before then going to the International Film Festival in Berlin, Germany for its European premiere. I had filmed with her during Toddlers and Tiaras for a huge exhibit and film she did called Beauty Culture. The exhibit started at the Annenberg Space for Photography in Los Angeles and then was presented all over the country.

In the past couple of years I have been modeling at New York Fashion Week AND I LOVE IT! It is very much like pageants, but different at the same time! Currently I am one of the Cast on Next Big Thing, which follows teens on their individual journeys in the industry, but also lets you see their teen problems and relationships at the same time. I am kind of like the Switzerland cast member, neutral! I try to help and listen to my cast mates and just let them vent! We all need that friend on any journey….ESPECIALLY THE TEEN JOURNEY😀

I have also been working on my own original music right now and will be going into the studio when its of course SAFE again. I just finished production of my own line of makeup, DREAM by Eden Wood and will be unveiling that literally in the next month….AND I HAVE A BIG PROJECT I shot on a major network that I am not allowed to talk about yet. I haven’t been given the exact release date yet but am pretty sure will be coming out in the next couple of months!

What would your dream career look like? Who do you want to work with? What would you be doing?

So the new show is Next Big Thing and it’s about the struggles, the conflicts, the dreams, the drama of a very talented group of teen performers. You get to see behind the curtain of their public persona and see what happens in each of their lives as a teen! Here is who all is in the Cast. I of course have known Isabella Barrett for 10 years and watched her and her mom, Susanna Paliotta, build her multi-million dollar Brands, then there is Tonee Marino who is an up and coming rap artist (an quite the ladies man), Maddison Carter whose a part of the Beauty Blogger industry and has recently introduced her own Makeup Line (who is very outspoken), Mya Xeller who is the current Miss Teen World Connecticut, but also sings and dances (and may or may not be in a relationship with one of the other Cast members), DJ Alden who is a DJ & Music Mixer, and Peter Cestaro who is a singer/songwriter both super talented. As far as who should watch, I think it of course will have a great appeal to teens, but also anyone who is interested in seeing what goes on in performers personal lives and the struggles they go through while reaching for their dreams.

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Eden Wood [Credit: Amanda Crane]

What is something about yourself you want people to know? Something either about their perception of you or something that you do that would surprise people?

Well le’ts see where do I begin?🤔🤔🤔

Probably the number 1 thing would be I don’t live with full hair and makeup 24/7. Many MANY days I only wear mascara to school! My friends LITERALLY get the real me😇. I am a normal, low key high school kid with a 4.0 GPA, who has a normal HAPPY life outside of the industry and loves to go mud riding!

The next thing is I have a CRAZY sense of humor because I LOVE TO LAUGH and love putting it to use with my friends and family!

AND LAST…..I am a drummer! Yep I play drums! That started in my High School Band!

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