Single Parents (S02E04-05) “Big Widow Wives”/”Sports”

From friendships to a family secret. Here’s a recap of episodes four and five of Single Parents!

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“Big Widow Wives”

After the fire, Angie was left with a hole in her wall. So she and Will tried to patch it up Angie tries to get Will do help her with other things. But when an opossum was left in the house after the wall was patched; Angie decides to deal with it herself Afterword Angie decides that with the hole in the wall again, she and Graham will stay at Doug’s house for a while.

Meanwhile, Poppy learns that Doug was having a night with the guys but after she decided not to go with him; she did and learns that Doug doesn’t meet with his guys but a grief group of widows. A bit jealous, Poppy talks to Doug about it and she becomes part of the group.

Others: Miggy is now learning the meaning of a hard day at the office. When babysitting the kids, he gets them to do chorus for him with a point system that really worked. Rory helps Graham, who’s been afraid of the fire accident, by pulling a Grey Gardens look that doesn’t go well. Graham did ace his fear when helping Angie with the opossum.

“Big Widow Wives” was a very good episode. I couldn’t get enough of Angie and Will’s friendship chemistry in this episode. Whether or not they get to be together in a relationship or keep being as friends, I’m okay with it. I thought that this was one of Brad Garrett’s best episodes so far with strong character development and nice moving performance. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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As Will gets the Gator soccer team ready for the short season, Poppy asked if Rory can play, even though he never played soccer. That is until he can kick the soccer ball like a pro. Will saw the opportunity that using him could take them to the championship but there’s a cost; Rory is not nine but ten years old.

After Poppy begs Will, he kept Rory on the team as the team goes all the way to the championship. That is until Poppy decides to take him out by telling everyone his real age. It left with a lovely moment between Poppy and Rory about hiding his age and ended up with a birthday party the next day.

Doug is getting tired of Graham coming up to him like a dog. Angie tries to help by telling Graham to give Doug some space but instead tells him to be himself and let it be. But that just pushed Doug to a moment when he gave a hard talk about him not wanting to bond with him. As Angie heard that she gives Doug why Graham has been acting like that because he’s wanting a male role model.

During Rory’s birthday party, Doug helps Graham to learn how to tie a necktie. It was so moving that it got Angie eating more of Doug’s Jag-snacks.

“Sports” was a very funny episode. While the Rory, Poppy and Will story was probably the funniest story of the episode, the best happens to be between Graham, Doug, and Angie. That story between Angie, Graham, and Doug was so good and showed a lot of heart. And I couldn’t get enough of Doug’s JAG snack moments. I got to figure out snacks for my shows. Anyway, overall I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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