Single Parents (S02E06-07) “Welcome to Hell, Sickos”/”Xander and Camille”

From a shocking family reunion to a scary Halloween party, here’s a recap of episodes six and seven of Single Parents!

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“Welcome to Hell, Sickos”

Happy Halloween!

“Welcome to Hell, Sickos” was a very funny Halloween episode. As Will tries to be there for Sophie’s Halloween party at school; he gets distracted from his girlfriend’s birthday party along with her family at one of those locked room games. As Doug takes the kids to their party at school, he forgets to decorate for the party but gets surprised when the room was all decorated 10 times scarier.  But Doug learns that his twin girls decorated the place for him.

Meanwhile, Angie and Poppy have a night of their own after their kids told them that they don’t need them to go trick or treating. They drink Doug’s wine and soon invites teenagers to the place to have a party to see if they could be cool. But after a fun time, they learn that those kids have stolen all of Doug’s liquor and gotten them back just in time Doug and others got back.

I very much enjoyed this episode but it’s par to last season’s Halloween episode. It had some very good moments of humor and heart but overall I give this episode a 7.5/10.

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“Xander and Camille”

As Angie and Poppy have a night out, Angie spots a man and soon gets a one night stand. But Angie learns that the man that’s she slept with is Doug’s son. Soon Poppy gets them together for a reunion and the two handle their hard feelings to one another while playing golf.

Meanwhile, Will teaches Miggy how to discipline after by taking their devices away from them after stealing Miggy’s credit card for things. But soon the kids pull a fast one and both Will and Miggy discuss with the kids their demands. But as they get their phones and the kids get their devices; Will and Miggy pulled a fast one with the wifi shutoff.

“Xander and Camille” might be one of my favorite episodes of the season. I thought the shocking news of Doug having a son was so good and funny. But I couldn’t get enough of Will and Miggy in this episode along with the kids. It was just too funny and with memorable moments. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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