Single Parents (S02E08-09) “Every Thursday Should Be Like This”/”A Place Where Men Can Be Men”

From a Thanksgiving celebration to learning the birds and the bees. Here’s a recap of episodes eight and nine of Single Parents!

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“Every Thursday Should Be Like This”

“Every Thursday Should Be Like This” was literally one of the best episodes of the season. While the episode had moments of hilarious with Will and Tony going at it to cook the turkey, to the kids trying to figure out a play to put together for their parents. And while Miggy and the kids’ school teacher are a thing; the moment with Doug was very good as well.
But it was Angie, Amy and Will that really had the moment as Angie tries to bond with Amy things got out. Amy tells Angie that she thinks that Sophie is annoying and soon realizes and left. Angie tries to fix it by telling Will and taking him to her at a local restaurant where singles go on holiday. But Angie never told Will what Amy said and the three got back int time for turkey.
But it was the final moment as Angie sits at the table that Amy not only thanked her for not telling Will about what she had said but also will keep Angie’s secret too. I’m guessing she has feelings for Will.
This episode was so well written with moments of emotions and hilariousness. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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“A Place Where Men Can Be Men”

It’s time to tell the birds and the bees after Graham got suspended from school after bring Doug’s porn magazines for show and tell. Will and Doug try to help Angie give Graham the talk but things get complicated when Will learns that his own father had cheated on his mother after seeing a secret letter and photo in a math book. Doug tells both Will and Graham the meaning of how sex can be curious and confusing.
Meanwhile, Poppy and Miggy and the girls see Rory’s new look. But after he reveals the new look, it looks like one of the girls wants to look different too but the other sister isn’t for it. Poppy tries to help find each other with their own look. While Angie and Sophie bonded.
“A Place Where Men Can Men” was a beautiful episode of learning about life, role models, and finding your own look.  The cat gives a wonderful performance that was funny and heartwarming. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.
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