Single Parents (S02E10-11) “Good Holidays to You”/”The Angie-Man”

From celebrating the holidays to playing a couple, here’s a recap of episodes 10 and 11 of Single Parents!

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“Good Holidays to You”

Twas the holiday season and while Angie wants to give Graham the best holiday ever, he’s asking for two things snow and to see his father. Angie gets Will’s help to find a place where it will be snowing but it turns out to be a dusty warm dry area. Angie and Will stole a snow machine and while trying to get the snow going but gets arrested. But Angie learns that Graham has been asking Santa to see his father for a while.
Meanwhile, Emma, Amy, and Rory learn that their parents have been having a relationship for a while and try to hustle them in getting a lot more gifts. As Doug bails out Will and Angie they all celebrate Christmas at the cabin and as things calm down; it started to snow. Even Doug tells Poppy that he loves her.
“Good Holidays to You” was another good episode and charming holiday episode too. Good character development and good wiring as well. I loved the Angie and Graham story and the moments in this episode. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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“The Angie-Man”

As Will is throwing an anniversary party for his parents, they assume that Angie is Will’s girlfriend. Both Will and Angie play along and played it so well. But as the party was over Will’s girlfriend shows up and Will explains to his parents that Angie is only his best friend. But in the end both Will and Angie are taking a separation friendship for a bit.
Meanwhile, Poppy was dealing with a wine called back and Doug offers to take Rory to his dance class. As soon as Poppy was done, Miggy gets her to take the day off and soon gets caught by Doug and Rory at the mall. Doug understood and took Rory to his dance class without using the shoes that he bought him. And the rest of the kids helped Tony sharpen his image to look for a new girlfriend.
“The Angie-Man” was a good episode and one that’s my favorite Angie-Will episode. After this episode and the Thanksgiving episode that I’m very much hoping they will end up together. Strong writing, strong character development, and performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.
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