Single Parents (S02E12-13) “Welcome to Hilltop”/”Chunkies”

From trying to save the school Parrot to the first meeting of father and son, here’s a recap of episodes 12 and 13 of Single Parents!

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“Welcome to Hilltop”

As Miggy tells Angie how he’s exclusive his girlfriend; Angie learns from Poppy that her ex-husband’s wife is expecting and the two talk about it. But soon they spotted Miggy’s girlfriend with another man and they follow them to her house where they believe that she’s cheating, but Poppy and Angie learn that Miggy is having a threesome relationship.

Meanwhile, Sophie is trying to fight for the school’s parrot’s right to be taken home for the three day weekend. But with no approval from the principle, Sophie takes the bird anyway and while it’s just for the weekend, Sophie tries to let the bird fly but falls and crashes to the ground ending up dead. Will gets Doug and his girls to help and teach Sophie how to lie but Will doesn’t want his girl to lie and soon both of them do clean up duty at the school for punishment.

“Welcome to Hilltop” was an okay episode with some good moments. While I enjoyed the Angie and Poppy story; the Will and Sophie story were a bit predictable. Overall, I give this episode a 7/10.

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As Will prepares for his date with his girlfriend, Sophie believes that she’s going to dump her father after their dinner. Sophie tries to fake an illness but Will’s girlfriend catches on and tells Will that she’s faking it but he doesn’t believe her. That is until he walks in her room jumping up and down on her bed. Sophie tells her dad and while he’s upset he understands. Later he catches with his girlfriend and as they talk they decide to take a break due to what’s been going on in the last few weeks.

Graham prepares to meet his father and by the time he meets him, he gets sick. Angie tries to get Derek back before Graham’s next sickness and soon the two bonds pretty quickly with Q&A. While Angie tries to help put Graham to bed, she’s not feeling good too and Derek steps up and takes care of her too. The next day they bonded well.

Emma and Amy tell Doug that their tv is dead as they try to fix it with no success. But when Miggy comes over to watch TV, it seems that he fixed the TV. The girls are flabbergasted of what had happened but learn that Miggy really didn’t fix the TV at all.

“Chunkies” was a very good episode; mainly the story of Graham meeting his father, Derek, for the first time. While the others were funny and heartwarming, Graham, Angie, and Derek were full of heartwarming moments and emotions. Maybe Derek can be the man for Angie to take care of Graham and her. Solid writing and performances from the cast. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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