Single Parents (S02E14-15) “Yarn and Pebbles”/”Chez Second Grade”

From son and father bonding to valentine’s day fundraisers, here’s a recap of episodes 14 and 15 of Single Parents!

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“Yarn and Pebbles”

As Graham and Derek bonded with Angie, Graham believes its time that he and Derek hang out for the day. While Angie is okay with it, she worries about it. She gets Doug to go with him and spy on how Graham and Derek are doing. She sees that they are bonding so well that she fears that Graham is loving Derek over her. While Doug engorges himself with fired food, he helps Angie with words of advice of being Graham’s rock.

Poppy and Miggy help Will after his break up and finds a new relationship, but this relationship seems so weird as she acts like a robot. After meeting with her, Poppy and Miggy throw her out after making comments about how she can change Will. Will wasn’t too pleased about it. While the kids try to help Doug get rid of his junk food with a food party for friends.

“Yarn and Pebbles” was so good and the performance from D’arcy Caden in this episode was so good and hilarious. But I couldn’t get enough of Angie, Graham, and Derek’s story in this episode as it was just so well written. Even Doug had such a good moment but that moment with Derek telling Graham that his mother is the real hero had me in tears. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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“Chez Second Grade”

It’s Valentine’s Day as Rory and kids put on Valentine’s fundraiser date night at the school while getting a lot of money tips from the customers. With Angie and Will helping out, they finally catch up after being apart for a while. Even Will gets Angie a date that at first she wasn’t too pleased with but thanks him.

Meanwhile, Doug gets a visit from the Red Head again and this time it looks like she’s coming on to him. He tries to tell Poppy about it but isn’t worried about it because the Red Head was there for a skin check up. After talking to Graham about it, Doug believes that his relationship with Poppy is over but not to her as she comes back and hangs out with him. But tells the Red Head, who came back to the house, to lose it.

“Chex Second Grade” was a very funny episode from the beginning to the end. While I couldn’t get enough of the kids scamming their customers to pay more in tips; the Angie and Will scenes were so good and funny. Even watching the twins in the kitchen was hilarious as well, even trying to take care of Miggy. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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