Single Parents (S02E16-17) “Hip$ for Dolores”/”Untz, Untz, Untz”

From helping Poppy’s rent at the Winebrarry to date night and sleepover gone wrong, here’s a recap of episodes 16-17 of Single Parents!

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“Hip$ or Dolores”

As Poppy gets a letter from her landlord at her wineberry of the rent increased; everyone tries to help her out with money. Poppy and Will tries to sell her engagement ring for a lot more money but it turns out that it’s worth around $200. She did tell Will how the store has really built her self esteem after leaving her ex-husband.

Meanwhile, Angie, Miggy, Rory, and Graham try to get money from Angie’s co-workers from donation to even feeling bad at knocking Graham’s food to the floor. As soon as they got their money together, they’ve lost it after Angie’s story was actually true.

Even Doug tries to help manage Poppy’s store with some drastic measures but as soon as everyone came back Angie and Miggy brought back enough money as they sold Miggy’s calendars at the office.

“Hip$ for Dolores” was funny at times with its simple story of the gang trying to help raise money for Poppy’s store. There were times it had some very good moments like Poppy telling Will how the store had changed her from leaving her ex-husband.

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“Untz, Untz, Untz”

After another night spending the night at Doug’s house, Miggy gets Doug to consider staying at Poppy’s house; which turned into a disaster. First, Doug didn’t enjoy it because of not getting in his evening routine; not to mention trying to find a place for his toothbrush and Poppy playing Frasier episodes so loud that she falls asleep. And the kicker comes to the bed as he couldn’t get comfortable.

Even so Poppy didn’t enjoy it either as Doug was too moving in the bed and even talking in his sleep. The two settle their difference and Facetime each other as their new sleeping arrangement.

Meanwhile, Angie tries to hit it off with Colin by using Sophie to bond with his son; as Will takes Graham to have a boy’s night. But Graham finds a woman and disappoints Will. As Angie’s date night that she was hoping for didn’t go the way she had hoped but ended up well after Sophie finally enjoys Colin’s son after talking about apples.

“Untz, Untz, Untz” was another fun episode. I very much enjoyed watching this episode with both stories as they were hilarious and so enjoyable. This was yet another good performance from the cast and the writing was as good too. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

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