Single Parents (S02E18-19) “Oh Dip, She’s Having a Baby”/”A Night At Camarillo”

From birthing stories to maybe having a baby, here are recaps of episodes 18-19 of Season 2 of Single Parents!

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“Oh Dip, She’s Having a Baby”

Just as Poppy and Doug are adjusting to living arrangements at Doug’s place Sharon comes over as she’s beginning labor and needs help finding Ron. Poppy and Doug, and Miggy get Angie and Will over to help and tell their birth stories.

We learn that Miggy delivered his son at a 76 gas station; Doug was sitting outside the delivery room; Poppy was upset with Ron for naming Rory after the smoke monster from Lost; Angie delivered Graham in Las Vegas while Will tells three different stories one of which was true as it involves Regis Philbin.

Sharon delivered her baby at the same 76 gas station and Ron gets there at the hospital after picking up a Shaq shoe from Arizona. Poppy sees the bundle of joy and thinks about maybe wanting another baby but with Doug.

“Oh Dip, She’s Having a Baby” is probably one of my favorite episodes of the season, maybe even of the series so far. This episode had everything from strong character development, hilarious moments, and even emotional moments of the characters as they tell their birth stories. Hell, who knew that Miggy could step up like that for a birth at the 76 gas station. Holy crap! The cast did such an amazing job in this episode. Overall I give this episode a 9.5/10.

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“A Night at Camarillo”

When Miggy finds out that Poppy has been ordering baby books; she tells him that she’s been thinking about having another baby and wants to have one with Doug. During their dinner that night, she was gonna tell him about the idea but the restaurant has something different going on that got Doug’s attention and battle with Dan Marino.

Soon as they got some alone time, Doug was clear with this vision of the future of not having kids as she still didn’t tell him about her idea. She leaves and talks with Graham, who was left watching the rest of the kids at Doug’s house. As Doug returns Poppy tells him that they might need to break up. Uh Oh!

I mention that Graham was left in charge of the rest of the kids. As they didn’t think that Graham could be bossy; he showed his true Italian side and got them to behave. He even needed to take five minutes as Poppy came back.

Meanwhile, Angie and Colin are hitting it off well. Colin is a bit creeped out from Will be around and copying off his style of clothing. After Will hears from Colin’s ex-wife that they still have an affair together; that sent Will to get to the bottom of it. Will sees from the air B&B hotel sign out books that Colin had indeed been with his ex-wife a few days ago.

As Will tells Angie the truth, Will kicks him out, and the two talk and enjoy the room that Colin paid for. They even talked about that maybe Will has feelings for Angie but they dodge that question once again. But in the end, they got Colin back with the sweet revenge of putting the goose that he’s hated in his car.

“A Night at Camarillo” was a very good episode once again. While the Poppy and Doug story was a bit weak at times; maybe the whole restaurant scenes felt off. Maybe both Doug and Poppy should break up? Do I think that Doug would change his mind of having more kids? If he can change for her this season, he could change. The Graham story was so funny and different as we’ve seen him build his anger and emotions this season. But the Will and Angie story was another winner for me again. I just wish that these two will just say what they want to say. I understand their friendship means the world, but they do make that perfect couple. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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