Killing Eve (S03E03) “Meetings Have Biscuits”

In Killing Eve season 3 episode 3, we begin by serving as a witness to a brutal murder committed by Villanelle of a woman with a young baby and her nanny.

Carolyn is back in form as she works on investigating the details of Kenny’s murder, which sounds perfect as a suicide. The meeting to discuss the investigation has such diversity in representation on screen that it makes my heart explode. A black man, an Indian man, an Asian woman, and a white woman acting together in roles that are gender and race-neutral is so beautiful. But moving on from that delightful scene, we see Jamie and Carolyn at friction with each other due to their respective backgrounds, and Eve tries to sort them out.

ke2 300x149 - Killing Eve (S03E03) “Meetings Have Biscuits”
Villanelle with Dasha [credit: BBC America/Youtube]
On the other hand, we see Dasha and Villanelle together with the baby Villanelle kidnapped. Dasha is angry at Villanelle for messing up the last job but not overly so. In the situation we observe, Villanelle is really in charge of Dasha’s future and both of them know it. Before they part, Villanelle is convinced into doing a job again in London.

Eve’s evolution

Meanwhile, Eve is working closely with Jamie and Bear at Bitter Pill to investigate the bank account of Panda who was seen and murdered in season 1. They are able to trace the account up to Geneva but approach Mo when they hit a wall. Eve shows Carolyn like qualities when she berates Mo for thinking that the job would be easy. With Eve, we also learn that Niko has left for Poland. Eve is taken aback by his move and tries to reach with no success. And then she meets Villanelle on the bus and they break into a catfight/foreplay session by the end of which they kiss.

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Eve after kissing Villanelle [credit: BBC America/Youtube]
Konstantin meets with Charles Kruger, who informs him about a mole siphoning money from the same Geneva account that Eve is investigating and asks for help with money.

On the other hand, we see Carolyn getting ready to go on a date. Geraldine tries to do her daughter’s duty of prepping her but the over-sentimentality kills the mood. She gets stood up and it is found that she went out for a job to run into an old sweetheart, Henry to find about the Geneva account and who it is linked to. So, Caroline and Mo set up on a journey to Kensington to go and find Charles Kruger and retrieve information from him. In a few more scenes, we find out that Villanelle’s job in London was to murder Charles Kruger. Eve manages to puzzle it out but it is too late and he is already dead. For the first time, we see Carolyn visibly shaken.

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Villanelle in a children’s store [credit: BBC America/Youtube]
In the final scenes, we see Villanelle ruminate about her family and ask Konstantin to find them for her. She also leaves behind a recorded message for Eve to remember her by.


  • “I have all my best thoughts in the bath.” SAME, CAROLYN, SAME!
  • “Wow, that is literally the most parenting this household has ever seen!” Geraldine is really bringing it out there!
  • “Once I tell you about them, your lives are in danger.” “Then don’t tell us.” “They are called the Twelve.” Eve got no chill. She has been alone for too long.
  • “She’s like a little shit taking a shit out of big shit in three shits combined into one enormous shit.” Konstantin, Konstanin, Konstantin! How much I love you!
  • “I want to smell powerful. I want to make people gag with it. Can you do that for me?” Villanelle is getting ready to meet with Eve again! The amount of effort…<3
  • “Don’t talk about Stalin. He’s strictly third date.” Geraldine being the clown is actually quite entertaining!
  • “I should have shot you in the head and watched you die. I can’t stop thinking about you.” Villanelle with the Valentine messages in a children’s store!
  • “Don’t you want to know why I am in your bed?!!” Konstantin might not but we sure do, Villanelle. Aren’t we feeling a little frisky today!

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