9-1-1 (S03E16) “The One That Got Away”

They’re just setting up another big episode!

Well, in a way, I guess I got what I wanted/predicted – a back to basics episode. Although, this one still wasn’t as funny as some previous ones. They got really deep into some topics and into some particular characters. Oh, and I’m so happy this was mainly about Buck – my favorite.

911 recap 2 - 9-1-1 (S03E16) "The One That Got Away"

Before I get into all the Buck stuff (which was the main thing in this episode) I want to touch on the Hen story-line. It wasn’t as evident as Buck’s but I feel like they’re setting up some changes. For the first time, we see Hen questioning the doctors and what they do once they live the patients there. All of that because of a patient that died of cardiac arrest after Hen telling the doctors/nurses about his condition. With that, on a later call, she just decides to get into action and do the job herself. Before getting to the hospital.

Everything is fine in the end and we even see Hen really happy with a doctors’ coat (I don’t know the technical term, I’m sorry) that the department gave her. They did it as kind of a joke but I feel like that’s just setting up something. That pretty soon we’ll see Hen leave the 118 and become a doctor. I might be wrong and, in a way, I hope I am because Hen is one of my favorites (I mean, they all are, let’s be real) but with that and the whole thing about moving on… Something’s going to happen.

I guess this is a good transition into Buck’s story, which is pretty much about moving on and having regrets. So, basically, Buck sees himself ‘alone’ after everyone of Station 118 having other plans after their shit and so, he decides to go ‘celebrate’ by himself. At the bar he goes to he meets a retired firefighter and, after talking to him, he decides to help him achieve his goals.

This was obviously a way of Buck ‘denying’ what might happen to him. Not only he was the only one that didn’t have anyone else (Maddie is with Chimney now so she doesn’t count) but he’s also the youngest and it’s clear that he’s afraid he might be left behind. However, I feel like all of this was a way to re-introduce Abby. I mean, I liked Abby, but she left suddenly and, from what I’ve hear, she’s coming back for the two-part season finale and that’s Buck’s biggest (maybe only) regret – Abby. They kind of broke up in a weird way and… He needs closure and, personally, I hope they get back together.  I just liked them together and the fact that he was so much younger than her. I found that cute.

But anyway, the episode couldn’t end with something cute. No, it had to go somewhere and this is where I see they setting up for something big. So, while responding to an accident involving a drone, Athena discovers that the drone’s owner is a serial rapist, after it’s footage is released. And the episode just ends like that.

With the season finale being a two-part thing and with this ending I feel like we’re in for something big! I just hope all our favorite characters end up fine and we don’t loose anyone in the process. Needless to say that I’m so excited about that finale (as always, to be honest). In the meantime, let us know what you thought of the episode and I’ll catch you up on the next one – Monday, May 4 at 8/7c on FOX.