Betty premieres

The six-part series is about a group of female skateboarders. They create a subculture while gliding beneath New York’s expressways and through its tourist-saturated parks.

Kirt, the group’s laidback leader, cuts through downtown Manhattan on her board, a jug of Arizona iced tea in one hand and her phone, FaceTiming her best friend, Janay, in the other. The two head for the skate park, where they’re hosting a girls’ “skate sesh” advertised on Instagram. There they meet Honeybear, an enigmatic skater from Staten Island who lets her style – mismatched sneakers, open vest over nipple pasties, camera always in hand – talk for her. Next they meet a placid-faced, long-haired shredder named Camille.  Her apathetic nature appears when it comes to female solidarity (she’s in with the boys). Finally they meet Indigo, a Rihanna lookalike who deals weed as an acquaintance of the group.

New on HBO.