Good Girls (S03E10) “Opportunity”

With each episode, our favorite Good Girls are seizing every opportunity to show us who’s in charge.  We’re getting down to the wire and Ruby, Beth, and Annie (Retta, Christina Hendricks, and Mae Whitman) are becoming a force, even plotting Rio’s (Manny Montana) murder.  We’ll have to stay tuned to see how it plays out.


Since our Good Girls did in fact hire Max’s cousin James, played by the undeniably talented Andrew McCarthy, to kill Rio, the opening sequence has all of us waiting to find out if Rio is dead once and for all.   After thinking the hit was successful, Beth gyrates around the kitchen, as she pops champagne bottles, only to be startled by Rio.  Rio is definitely a sexy creeper.  How did he survive yet another round of bullets?  Did James take their money and run?

Ruby, Beth, and Annie confront James only to be given another invoice for additional payments.   The chemistry between the ladies is so entertaining to watch.  These women are ordinary parents just trying to make ends meet.   As they follow him and in true Good Girls fashion,  he spots them (of course, they don’t know how to spy).  James informs them of the new details he discovered (reason for the additional payment) while doing a deep dive into Rio.   He immediately knows one of them slept with Rio, therefore,  making the hit more personal.  He advises the girls to payoff their debt before it goes into collections.

Ruby’s desire is just to be a good person.   Luckily for her, Sara (Lidya Jewett) figured out a way to help “cleanse her soul.”  She invited the family of her donor over for dinner and that was a complete mess.  Sure, they’re still grieving their child, however,  they still found an opportunity to sucker Ruby into not only an extravagant meal, but a new car as well.  I’m sure everyone was screaming “don’t do it!”  They always talk about Annie, but Ruby has many questionable moments. Ruby’s expensive purchase set off alarms and now the FBI agents are hot on her trail.  Didn’t they learn from Turner to stopping being so impulsive?

NUP 190295 0733 1024x683 - Good Girls (S03E10) "Opportunity"
GOOD GIRLS — “Opportunity” Episode 310 — Pictured: Mae Whitman as Annie Marks

Annie’s been doing her best to move on from Dr. Cohen (Rob Heaps), but somehow he finds a way back her.  Ben (Isaiah Standard) calls Cohen to help Annie.  They go out for drinks, but not without flirty exchanges.  Don’t worry, nothing happens because Cohen tells Annie that he’s…engaged.

I can’t forget about Dean (Matthew Lillard).  This guy is doing his best not to resort to old habits and make something of himself.  It was a nice moment earlier in the episode when Beth finally asked Dean what he wanted.   After Dean expressed his feelings, Beth finally had an opportunity she’d been looking for.  Plus, she used google.  She went to see  Rio and basically told him selling hot tubs will be better than opening a car wash.  Dean will finally get his own “Spa” business, but this makes you wonder how much detail Beth left out.  Dean is truly not fond of Rio and wants him out of their lives.

Good Girls still gives me hope, but I’m not sure if killing Rio is an option.  If Rio dies, will Beth become his replacement?  God help us!

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