Parks and Recreations Special

This past Thursday NBC aired the anticipated special reunion episode of Parks and Recreation. And while it was everything we had wanted, it’s really what we really needed. Here’s a quick recap!

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In the episode, Leslie Knope gets everyone to contact the gang via FaceTime/Zoom to check on how they are doing during this COVID-19 situation. It builds into a chain from Leslie and Ben to Leslie and Ron; and it goes from there till we end up with Garry, who no one wants to contact.

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During the episode, we also check on Joan as she interviews Leslie and Ben. Jamm still jamming things up again with his business. And Jean-Ralphio doing his advertising thing and asking anyone to call him at his personal number. And not to mention, Bobby Newport (played by Paul Rudd) who beings the episode with a message and has no clue about COVID-19 because he’s in Sweden.

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But it was when Leslie tells Ron that she just wishes that she could contact everyone all at once; that got Ron and everyone to FaceTime with Leslie and Ben. Ron tells her that they know how important it is to stay connected during these times and has Andy playing 5,000 Candles in the Wind.

The episode was downright perfect; as it didn’t ruin anything from the series finale that’s probably the best thing coming out of this special. But in seriousness it talks about during these social distancing times; we must connect to the people that we love or haven’t seen in a long time and to pay tribute to the men and women that are putting their lives to helping people in this time from doctors, nurses, firefighters, and cops. This special was a 10/10 but really it’s what we all needed at this time. Thank you Parks and Recreations!

After this special aired, the show raised about $3 million dollars within the next two days. If you want to donate to Feeding America here’s a link.

You can catch the Parks and Recreation available now on the Peacock Streaming Service and YouTube!