All Rise (S01 E12-20) Review

As All Rise has been one of CBS’s biggest new shows this season; the second half of the first season proves it’s powerful stories and characters.

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I have been amazed at what All Rise has shown this season. With such strong and well-developed characters; plus their interesting and sometimes predictable storylines. While this ensemble cast has shown strong chemistry with one another; some like Simone Missick as Judge Lola Carmichael and Jessica Camacho as Public Defender Emily Lopez have given such strong and powerful performances; as the development of their characters grow.

In the second half of season one, Carmichael deals with helping Judge Lisa Benner with her campaign; as she finds anything dirt that could ruin her chances for the State Attorney General. Also dealing with personal issues like whether or not to continue to be separated from her husband due to their professions.

Meanwhile, Emily Lopez’s relationship with former deputy sheriff now turned law in the DA’s office, Luke Watkins grows; but takes a couple of steps back at times not only due to their work but personal struggles as well. Lopez still deals with PTSD of her former abusive relationship; it shows in episode 19 “In The Fight” where she defends an abuser in court that affects her.

There have been some humorist moments too like Sherri Kansky, Judge Carmichael’s assistant dealing with a fun relationship with an LAPD detective that brings the fun out of the character since the series started. Even her and Carmichael having a breakfast outing too.

Also while I’m loving DDA Mark Callan and Carmichael’s relationship as best friends; Callan and Amy Quinn have been a fun relationship to watch.  Even Judge Carmichael’s court reporter, Sara Castillo been dating Judge Brenner’s son and seeing Brenner finding out by her son picking up Sara’s phone by mistake.

I’ve enjoyed watching All Rise this season; I hope that CBS will give this series a second chance and renew it. I want to see where these characters go; besides the COVID-19 has pretty much ruined the season as it shortens the number of episodes this season. So far this second half of the season, I give it an 8/10.

Monday’s new episode will have the actors portraying them at their own homes via Zoom/FaceTime due do check-in and spread the awareness of communicating family and friends for support. I’m looking forward to it.

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You can catch All Rise Monday at 9/8c on CBS.