Fresh Off The Boat (S06E10-11) “Jessica Town”/”A Seat at the Table”

Tis’ the season for the perfect Christmas for Jessica while she starts her new job as a Dean. Here’s a recap!

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“Jessica Town”

For the final season of Fresh Off the Boat, their final Christmas episode will be marked as perfect. Just like Jessica’s Christmas.

Like Louis with Halloween, Christmas is Jessica’s holiday and as she tries to make this holiday season perfect; Louis tries to help her out because he wants to spend time with her this season by ice skating. Of course, Jessica sees that Louis is doing things wrong to her with the Christmas cards and the gingerbread house. That is until she realizes and tries to make it up with Louis by going ice skating but Louis ends up with two broken arms and Jessica getting her perfect gift: a couple of ice skating for her Jessica Town.

Meanwhile, Evan and Eddie accidentally broke Honey’s gift for Marvin, a navy nutcracker. In order to find a replacement, Emery works as a mall elf and it’s not even pleasant. As Evan tries to get the nutcracker at the mall, he steals it instead. But by the time Honey comes back to wrap the gift; grandma hands the nutcracker to her as she bought it to help the boys in return for their gift cards.

“Jessica Town” was probably one of my favorite episodes of the season and could be the best holiday episode of the tv season. While Eddie, Evan, and Emery’s story were very good and hilarious; Jessica and Louis’ story was so heartwarming and funny as it brought so much Christmas spirit. Overall, I give this episode a 9/10.

“A Seat at the Table”

As Jessica gets to be a Dean at a college; she learns that they didn’t hire her for her ideas but for being diverse. Trying to figure out whether to quit or not; Louis’s advice was to play the long game and so she did. After an incident, Jessica took to press conferences and not only promise to fix the diverse issues but also fooled the president of the college too.

Meanwhile, Evan sees that Emery and Eddie don’t hang out during school and wished that they could do that before Eddie graduates. After Eddie tries to hang out with Emery and his drama club, things took a dip but Evan tries to fix it but Eddie and Emery gave what Evan wanted during his math club.

“A Seat at the Table” was a very funny episode: mainly with the character mispronouncing wong phrases. I thought the cast gave a good performance in this episode. Plus Mr. Buns! Overall, I give this episode an 8,5/10.

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