Fresh Off the Boat (S06E12-13) “The Magic Motor Inn”/”Mommy and Me”

As Eddie helps Evan with the spelling bee problem, Jessica’s advice bite her back. Here’s a recap!

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“The Magic Motor Inn”

When Evan is worried about the spelling bee, Eddie tries to get him help from a three-time champion  Simryn, a former classmate. While Eddie takes Evan to get her help; he has Trent looking out for his SAT scores just in case Jessica gets a hold of them. But soon Eddie learns that he scores high and Evan learns that while Eddie might not have studied just as hard as he, even Simryn didn’t either as they are both naturals.

Eddie tells Evan that his natural is studying hard than the rest of the people and that got the encouragement to be in the spelling bee. Which I think probably won.

Meanwhile, Emery must find a job or he won’t be having anything new or to eat. While Louis gave him the benefit of the doubt; Jessica made sure Emery got a job and a job he has got as a shirtless model at the mall. While Jessica tries to hide it from Louis; he finally learned pretty fast about Emery’s new job.

“The Magic Motor Inn” was a very good episode from start to finish. This is the episode that has a backdoor pilot for a potential spinoff that I’m very much interested in watching and hopefully ABC will go for it. Megan Suri was very good and funny along with making Mandy Moore references. All in all, I give this episode an 8.5/10.


“Mommy and Me”

When Honey asks Jessica for advice about kids clinging to their mothers; what Jessica didn’t know was that her advice was going to hit her right back. Just as Jessica was recording the audiobook of her novel, Evan comes home in tears as his girlfriend had broken up with him. This turns Evan into cloning to Jessica in the creepiest way.

After trying and trying, finally, grandma played a recording of Jessica talking about how clinging he has been with her and that pretty much snapped that with Evan.

Meanwhile, Louis, Eddie, and Emery are burger hopping trying out burgers that is until Emery decides that he’s going vegan. After doing to a vegan burger shop, Eddie and Louis decide to go on without Emery to a burger joint with Trent. While hurting Emery’s feelings, Louis and Eddie come up with a new burger at the Cattleman’s of a vegan burger that Emery enjoys.

“Mommy and Me” was a very funny episode. I’ve always enjoyed an episode story with Jessica and Evan and this one was no expectation. I’d very much enjoyed this and even the Louis and the boys dealing with eating vegan burgers. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

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