Killing Eve (S03E04) “Still Got It”

We open the mid-season episode (Still Got It) with Niko in Poland clicking a picture of himself. We haven’t really seen much of him this season and we already know he is not a regular, which means *SPOILER WARNING* he is probably going to die soon. This episode proves us right.

Niko and Eve

Niko is in full fuckboi mode in the start of the episode. He has made it back home where he is loved by old grandmothers, flirting with bartenders, and working a menial job of delivering bread. As we watch him ignoring Eve’s numerous texts, slyly Dasha picks up his phone. And I grew instantly suspicious of her intentions.

ke6 300x148 - Killing Eve (S03E04) “Still Got It”
Niko in a bar in Poland [credit: BBC America/YouTube]
Eve meanwhile has been sleeping in the office of Bitter Pill and is back to her usual shabbiness. She fondly stares at the scar on her face after her Villanelle encounter. As she is trying to brainstorm the money laundering with Bear, she receives a birthday cake by Villanelle commemorating the location where they kissed. She throws it in a fit of anger but instantly regrets it.

Meanwhile, Jamie reprimands Eve for sleeping on the office couch and offers her a place to stay. We are left to realize that he used to have dependents at some point. He bonds with Eve over offenses and induces her to divulge her life’s problems. He shares that he took his kids to the zoo while high and had a GBH charge when he was 18. This makes Eve feel comfortable and she shares about her cheating and stabbing.

After her heart-to-heart, Eve is confused and substitutingly talks to Villanelle through a teddy bear and asks her what she wants from her. But immediately after, she receives a text from Niko with his picture. And she forgets all about Villanelle. She goes to work but she is distracted and after receiving another text from Niko, she makes her choice and leaves the case behind to pursue him in Poland.

Konstantin and Villanelle

We shift to Konstantin in Moscow who is visiting Irina at her school. He asks her to skive off school and they banter. He witnesses his ex-wife’s new boyfriend try to get close to Irina and gets irritated and questions Irina about him. We witness Irina’s desperation as she knows that her father is only working for himself and likely to die soon due to his mixed obligations to lots of dangerous people.  

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Konstantin and Irina in Moscow [credit: BBC America/YouTube]
Konstantin then visits the wife of the accountant whom Villanelle murdered in the last episode. She keeps shaking for no reason. He gets her to hide herself in the holiday house and receives information that the accountant was supposed to transfer. Then he goes to meet Villanelle in Barcelona.  

Villanelle, on the other hand, has been reminiscing Eve in Barcelona. She is learning to make a cake for her birthday. The cake sadly turns out to be a failure but she did send a bus cake. So either she perfected the recipe or got a baker to do a custom order and we are left sighing at how infatuated Villanelle is with Eve.

Dasha shows up and questions Villanelle about London but she refuses to mention Eve. This makes Dasha frustrated. But she quickly gets over it and tells Villanelle about her promotion. This makes Villanelle very happy and she jumps in joy. She also orders her to stay in Barcelona.

Konstantin tells Villanelle about Eve and Niko’s separation and assigns her a job to murder the accountant’s wife in exchange for information about her family. We see him almost regretfully say so and his humanity shines through before his mask slips back in its place. Villanelle gets the hiccups as soon as Konstantin mentions her family. The lore suggests that a person gets the hiccups when they are either missing somebody or when somebody is missing them.

Villanelle reaches Lyon to the accountant’s vacation home to murder the wife. But it doesn’t go as cleanly as possible. The wife talks about loss and freedom. She claims that she doesn’t want to be free but instead wants to be in a family. This ties up the family references with the baby in the last episode. It all leads to hint that a confrontation with Villanelle’s family is coming soon.

ke1 300x151 - Killing Eve (S03E04) “Still Got It”
Villanelle’s birthday cake present to Eve [credit: BBC America/YouTube]
The wife and Villanelle share a few moments of fun as she tries to scare away the hiccups. They chase each other around the garden and Villanelle’s childishness is highlighted again. She craves family and seeks it unhealthily with her assigned kills. Even the wife here for a small instance feels like almost a psychopath but we don’t get enough time to discover anything real about her.

Carolyn and Dasha

We then shift to Carolyn, who is fine form again. Due to the unfortunate death of the accountant, her assigned superior has been reprimanded and we are led to believe that she is brought back in her original position. She notices Konstantin leaving her house and asks Geraldine about him. Geraldine lies to her and immediately breaks down. Carolyn is visibly uncomfortable with the situation and reprimands her for hiding things as well. However, we see her have an intensely silent breakdown in the privacy of her room.

ke3 300x148 - Killing Eve (S03E04) “Still Got It”
Dasha in the pool [credit: BBC America/YouTube]
This season so far, I would like to say, has been Carolyn’s season. She has had to suffer loss and grief and she has done it with equal parts comedy, silence and tragedy. Fiona Shaw was given room to showcase her abilities and she shines through every frame of every scene she is in.

Finally, we reach Dasha’s story. She has a lady boss who is very demanding. Dasha gets thoroughly blackmailed as her love for Russia is used against her and she is pressed for more control over Villanelle. It’s interesting to note that lady refuses to let Dasha kill Eve but demands that a wedge be driven between Eve and Villanelle. Somebody is protecting Eve and I can’t guess who or why right now.

Thus, we find out that it was Dasha who texted Eve and led her to believe that Niko wanted to talk to her. She murders Niko and leaves a note behind saying “Still got it!” to let Eve assume that his death was linked to Villanelle in some way.

Finally, we see Villanelle getting off on a train station in a place in Russia or Ukraine, ready to meet her family.

ke2 300x153 - Killing Eve (S03E04) “Still Got It”
Villanelle staring in the mirror [credit: BBC America/YouTube]


  • “You are like a sad teenager waiting for a like on Instagram.” I feel called out and I am not a teenager lol.
  • “Do not think that you are the only self-loathing arsehole in the room, ever.” Wooh, this makes me feel so much better.
  • “Choices, Eve. It’s all about choices.” Eve knows this so well. As do we. After all, both Eve and us have to the live with the consequences.
  • “So not over me!” Are you over her, Villanelle?
  • “I gained valuable insight into Victorian gender politics.” HAHA, Villanelle! All those repressed emotions really came out on that bus, huh!
  • “The moustache is gone?” Villanelle, you and your adorableness are unparalleled! So in love with Eve!!

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