Supergirl(S01E17) “Dues Lex Machina”

Alright my readers this episode was amazing! Also welcome back finally from the corona virus hiatus! We can finally get to this great episode and it was great! So let’s get to this review!

So we had to wait weeks to be able to see the first episode actress Melissa Benoist directorial debut. Yes Kara/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) herself directed tonight’s episode. If I may say so, she did a great job directing this episode. She had a great view in camera angles, camera close ups, and amazing action sequences she captured.

In this episode we finally saw how Lex (Jon Cryer) the master of evil came to be known as the savior of the new world. Although we do have to burst his bubble about creating a new world. Lex wasn’t the one who created it, it was Oliver/GreenArrow/Spectre (Stephen Amell) who created it.

We got to see how Lex was plotting against Supergirl but also against all superpower people. We even see how Jeremiah (Dean Cain) was eliminated and who did the dirty work. Lex has played his cards extremely well to try to keep Kara/Supergirl off his radar. Even with all the hard work Team Supergirl still doesn’t trust Lex.

Now that Lex has Leviathan organization backing him up. Lex is able to start working out his evil plan by blaming Leviathan for everything. So when the time comes Lex will be able to not just take down Supergirl but Leviathan as well. The man is still trying so hard to be the savior of the universe. We all know the truth and soon, everyone else will too.

We finally saw Gememnae’s (Cara Buono) true form. I really thought it would be more weird than just a android kind of look. It is still interesting, I just thought with her being known as the goddess of technology, she would’ve had wires as a kind of tentacle hair or something. It was great effects still! At least we do know she is in the comics but her character was different in the comics. In the comics Gememnae was still from Atlantis but was a servant who turned evil. In the series she goes by many names but is still a leading member of Leviathan.

At least we do know that ex-members of Atlantis are the ones behind Leviathan. I still feel like we should’ve seen Leviathan being controlled by Talia Al’Ghul. It would’ve been a bit more interesting but I guess this could even be an opening chance to possibly get Aquaman in the series eventually.

We also had M’gann/Ms. Martian (Sharon Leal) return in this episode to help J’onn (David Harewood.) It was really nice seeing Ms. Martian return though. I really have missed her helping out the super team.

img 0118 - Supergirl(S01E17) “Dues Lex Machina”

I just hope the super team figures out what Lex is up to, before it’s too late.

Next Episode: Supergirl(S05E18) “The Missing Link” airs Sunday May 10, 2020 at 9/8c on The CW