RuPaul’s Drag Race (S12E10) “Superfan Makeover”


Hello, hello, hello! This week’s episode is the much-anticipated makeover episode! It’s always a fan favourite of the season, and this season’s theme was just that; super fans! Drag Race makeovers are debatably the best episodes other than Snatch Game. It shows a Queen’s knowledge of makeup, body types, and drag-style. Every year there’s some twist to it, from family to former cast to production members. It’s one of those challenges that pretty clearly shows where everyone stands competition-wise.

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As I mentioned, this season’s group is super fans! It is every fan dream to be able to visit the set, I can not imagine the pure joy and elation those women felt when they were revealed. Jaida is tasked with pairing the super fans with the Queen’s, and she does a fabulous job. Each pair meshed together perfectly, which was really beautiful to see. It’s so wonderful to see how Drag can impact everyone differently. One of my favourite moments was Bethany telling Ru that she takes her children to DragCon every year and that every parent should do the same. The world can always use more tolerance, acceptance, and love.

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All of the makeovers were absolutely stunning. There wasn’t one that fell short, and we’ve seen some… train wrecks on seasons past. It helps that every girl wanted to be there more than anything, so they were extremely motivated to do well. Crystal Methyd absolutely destroyed the challenge with next-level creativity, and frankly, she should have won. In the end, everyone did so well, there were no clear bottoms. This was one of those feel-good episodes that I think we can all appreciate and enjoy.

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The lip sync for the evening was extra fantastic. It was sad seeing a bottom two at all, but both Heidi and Jackie truly lip-sync for their life. They performed the number differently, but each one did a really great job. It was no surprise that it was a double save! I certainly was not ready to lose either Queen, so I’m incredibly happy that we get at least one more week with them. 

Secret Celebrity Bonus!

RuPaul is doing a special 4 part series of a secret celebrity drag race! Last week was kinda lacklustre, but this week definitely kicked it up a notch. All three celebs did well, but you can not deny the powerhouse that is Vanessa Williams. She came in ready to win, and she kicked everyone’s butt until she did.