All Rise (S01E21) “Dancing at Los Angeles” Season Finale

The season finale of All Rise finds a way to pull of an episode during the COVID-19 crisis and pulls it off very well. Here’s a recap.

AllRise 121B SG 068b 730x411 - All Rise (S01E21) "Dancing at Los Angeles" Season Finale

At the start off the episode, we see everyone zooming each other; while they’re doing their exercises and trying to keep their mental status in check during this COVID-19 pandemic. Almost everyone is worried about the backlog of cases as the list gets longer and longer by the day; Judge Carmichael comes up with an idea of doing a test trial using Zoom and lives streaming it or the public.

The first live stream trial is about a man who’s in jail for stealing a car and being aggressive with his brother. Lopez and Callan have a difference of opinion of a plead deal. After both brothers were arguing during the trial; Carmichael looks back and talks to her mother about a message that she tried to understand; that pretty much was suitable for the case. Soon the two brothers come to terms; with the brother that was in jail got to be released that day to be with his pregnant wife.

Along with seeing Judge Carmichael bonding with her mother; we see how both her and Callan could never be in the same room for a trial. Callan and Amy talk about seriously moving in with each other; Lopez and Watkins not only was dealing with the pandemic, but celebrated the night with dinner. It ended with a group dancing, which got everyone from the cast, crew, and fans of the show to end the episode on a high and happy note.

“Dancing at Los Angeles” couldn’t have been better as it was such a good hour episode. I thought the overall episode was very good and the cast gives a good performance as they filmed this episode in their homes. The weekly case for the story was very good and had a good emotional impact. I think while the case of the week was good enough; being distracted and keeping busy was also another theme in this episode; along with thanking the men and women that put their lives on the line for us. That live stream DJ was pretty good and fitting throughout the episode. Overall, I give this episode an 8.5/10.

I hope that CBS would consider renewing All Rise for a second season. I very much want to see what comes next for this cast of characters that I very much got invested in.

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