Fresh Off The Boat (S06E14-15) “Family Van”/”Commencement” Series Finale

The one-hour series finale leaves the Huangs with a lovely bow to end the series. Here’s a recap!

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In the first half-hour, the episode “Family Van” deals with the Huangs facing goodbye to their family van after it breaks down trying to go to Disney World. While Louis thinks that the van could be saved, Jessica gives it up after learning nothing can be done to save it. Louis goes down memory lane while Jessica tries to blow it off; until when they went car shopping that she stole the van that looked like theirs. Jessica tells Louis that her process of grieving was to bury it, but after Louis kept pushing her and pushing her that she came to really miss the van.

Meanwhile, after finding a measured map in the van, Eddie, Emery, and Evan go on a road trip to their home in D.C. to find their time capsule. While Eddie looks forward to having an adventure with his brothers; Emery and Evan weren’t as excited seeing Eddie deal with an upset stomach from gas station hot dogs. As soon as Emery and Evan found their time capsule; they realize that Eddie wanted to spend enough time before leaving for college.

The second half-hour, the episode “Commencement” deals with Eddie telling Jessica and Louis that he scored 1500 on his SATs and that gets Jessica to turn a 360 as she’s very happy for her accomplishments with Eddie.

Jessica was so happy that she took Eddie off of housework and even doing the dishes. They spent the day buying clothes and such and soon gets an interview with Harvard. After the interview with Andy Richter, they learn that Eddie might not get in because of Jessica’s helicopter parenting.

Eddie tells Jessica that he doesn’t want to go to Harvard, as he wants to go to Culinary school and work at Cattlemen. Even though it took her a while to come to terms, but she was on board with Eddie for it.

Meanwhile, Emery and Evan come to different terms with Evan’s memoir and using stories from Emery and even helping the birth of Honey’s first baby. Emery gets back at Evan by running for his seat at the neighborhood council. Evan sees the problem and apologizes to Emery and Honey about the memoir.

Jumping to 2008 and while we see that Louis and Jessica are at Harvard for graduation; we didn’t quite know who’s graduation it was until we learn that it was Evan with graduated with high honors and given his commencement speech. We see Jessica, Louis, Eddie, Emery, and Grandma celebrating Evan’s graduation.

Both “Family Van” and “Commencement” were very good episodes and places a nice bow to end the series. While it might not have been the greatest series finale of all time; it was a real fitting to see these characters where they ended up and being happy and together as a family. Was this better than the Season 5 finale? Yeah, it was. The writing was so good while the cast gives such good and memorable performances; like Constance Wu, who I hope gets an Emmy nomination. Overall, I give these episodes a 9/10. I give the season a 9.5/10.

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