The Daily Fandom:

The Daily Fandom is a website created by fans and for fans. We offer speculation, meta, fan recs, con coverage, interviews, fandom articles and anything having to do with fan studies.

We also like supporting web series, promoting fan projects and giving fans a safe place where they can feel free to fangirl about the things they enjoy the most.

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The Daily Fandom Website

Campus Boss:

Campus Boss is a channel that brings edutainment in a form of fun, humor and informative videos
Those videos are mainly targeting people whom are generally interested in learning via other peoples opinions and experiences
as it is evident on the videos already posted on the channel. The whole set is based on UCT as it is a students channel, and since it just began there are more plans for growing the channel and improving the content of the presented videos. We would love and appreciate if people could help us grow and bring fun through this medium, SUBSCRIPTION is the first and most important way of helping us grow. More exciting content coming up.
link to one of the videos
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Campus Boss: Edutainment Videos on Youtube

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