Suits (S07E11) “Hard Truths”


Hard “truths”

After one of the longest hiatuses in the history of the show, this mid-season premiere was, needless to say, long awaited.More

Suits (S07E10) "Donna"



Suits has its ups and downs, but their (mid-season) finale episodes are known for delivering developments in important storylines and (albeit debatable) clever writing.More

Suits (S07E09) “Shame”



Last week’s episode, as the biggest milestone of the show so far, concluded the major storyline for this half season.More

Suits (S07E08) "100"



Not many shows these days get lucky enough to reach special milestones, one of them definitely being the 100th episodes.More

Suits (S07E01) "Skin In The Game"


Skin In The Game (…or no game?)

Flashing back to the second half of season 6, 6×11 started with a dream scene and the reaction of many people afterwards was in the lines of “Damn I wish that was real”.More

Suits (S06E16) “Character And Fitness”



‘Character And Fitness’

“It’s rare and lucky to have a show last so long that we’ve delivered on the original premise.” The creator Aaron Korsh told The Hollywood reporter regarding the finale of season six, and that is exactly what it was.More

Suits (S06E15) “Quid Pro Quo”


Live To Fight Another Day

Plots in 6×15, ‘Quid Pro Quo’ can again be divided into Mike and Harvey’s (and suddenly almost all New York’s) goal to get him into the bar and make him a lawyer, Louis and his attempt to juggle his role at the firm with his relationship and last but especially in this episode, not least, Donna and Benjamin’s venture with The Donna.More

Suits (S06E14) “Admission Of Guilt”



Admission of Guilt

After finishing this episode I struggled to narrow it down to a few hundreds of words and highlight which parts were (as objectively as possible) important.More

Suits (S06E13): “Teeth, Nose, Teeth”


Teeth, Nose, Teeth

The last episode (The Painting, 6×12) captured most of the mains trying to work their way through things that have been haunting them in every day life as they knew It, but ‘Teeth, nose, teeth’ presents to us some new beginnings.More

Suits: (S06E12) “The Painting”


Holding on and letting go

You might have been tunning into Suits for the past six years because of the humor, or the clothes, or the badass one liners, or the cases, or relationship… but, no matter what your reason might have been, it cannot be denied that at the core of these storylines, the way they have formulated and will continue to formulate, is Harvey’s way of dealing with the world and where it comes from.More