Suits (S08E05) “Good Mudding”

This episode deals with the topic of family as Harvey (Macht), Louis (Hoffman), Samantha (Heigl) and Alex (Hill) all struggle with making the right decisions for their loved ones.

Suits (S08E03) “Promises, Promises”

Alex (Hill) fights with a shady business man, in order to ensure his promotion. Katrina (Schull) struggles with hers. Harvey (Macht) deals with the loss of Mike.

Suits (S08E02) “Pecking Order”

In the second episode of season 8 of Suits, Samantha Wheeler (Heigl) tries to integrate into the firm, but ends up on Harvey (Macht) and Donna's (Rafferty) bad side. Meanwhile, Louis (Hoffman) fights in the name of love.

Suits (S08E01) “Right Hand Man”

New friends and foes are made when Robert Zane (Wendell Pierce) and Samantha Wheeler (Katherine Heigl) join the, now Zane Specter Litt, family in an all new season of Suits.

Suits (S07E12E13) “Inevitable”


Risks are inevitable, so is change.

Even though the mid-season premiere claimed that some hard truths did come out, the safety in the characters’ choices was undeniable.More

Suits (S07E11) “Hard Truths”


Hard “truths”

After one of the longest hiatuses in the history of the show, this mid-season premiere was, needless to say, long awaited.More

Suits (S07E10) "Donna"



Suits has its ups and downs, but their (mid-season) finale episodes are known for delivering developments in important storylines and (albeit debatable) clever writing.More

Suits (S07E09) “Shame”



Last week’s episode, as the biggest milestone of the show so far, concluded the major storyline for this half season.More

Suits (S07E08) "100"



Not many shows these days get lucky enough to reach special milestones, one of them definitely being the 100th episodes.More