The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’

This episode will deal with the demons of Clarke’s past. Well specifically, the unrelenting Emerson. I swear this guy will not die.. Until this episode of course.

Even though I’m glad this finally happened and that annoyance is put to rest, I was a bit disappointed that this episode had nothing to do with the task at hand – stopping Ally.… More “The 100: (S03E12) ‘Demons’”

The 100: (S03E10) ‘Fallen’

After last week’s emotionally draining episode, I was looking forward to the payback. And in The 100 style it definitely came. I know Octavia chooses to deal with what happened her way but part of me is half expecting a breakdown after she finally gets over this violence patch.… More “The 100: (S03E10) ‘Fallen’”