Bull (S03E13) “Prior Bad Acts”

Bull returns tonight” and personally, he’s “Torn Between 2 Lovers” …kinda 

Yet back at the offices, the  TAC team tackles a case of mal practice…maybe. 

James Weeks, (Alex Carter) stock magnet and money man at Week’s Dynamic,  is  working at the company , when he is approached by his young,  beautiful and  sexy Karen (Reiko Aylesworth) She’s all over him.More

Bull (S03E11) “Separate Together”

,Screenshot 2019 01 15 23 23 25 1 300x170 - Bull (S03E11) "Separate Together"

It’s a new year and a new Bull. This mid-season return brings Diane Lindsey (Jill Flint) Bull’s romantic interest and professional rival to the defense table.More

Bull (S03E10) “A Higher Law”

It’s a hit and run. Father Andy is the driver…or not! Its a case of “judge ye not by appearances” as a very bizarre yet fascinating case unravels, regarding confessions for the soul and the law of man.More

Bull (S03E09) “Separation”

“Separation”  is affairs of the heart. Major players are Danny and her boo, Gabriel and then Geoffrey, a recent divorced/widower.

 It”s about loss loves and how we retain it, remember it and salvage it

First off, “Unchanged Melody” is playing softly in the background.More