An Interview with Phillip Lewitski, Utopia Falls Star

Phillip Lewitski is currently starring in the Hulu original series “Utopia Falls.” Phillip portrays ‘Apollo,’ a quiet and calm natured dreamer who works as a mechanic, and brings his musical talents through drumming to the show.

An Interview with Award-Winning Performer/Writer Scott J. Kyle

Once again, I had the pleasure of connecting with award-winning performer Scott Kyle (Scottish actor, writer, motivational speaker, and so much more) to get an update on all sorts of exciting projects. Read on for more about this inspiring human, including the Shine A Light project, a new book, and some seriously excellent events.

Outlander (S04E07) “Down The Rabbit Hole”

Directing again for Outlander this episode is Jennifer Getzinger, and we have yet another fan favorite episode on our hands. Following almost exactly in her mother’s footsteps, Bree (Sophie Skelton) steps through the stones into 18th century Scotland. Just days behind her, Roger (Richard Rankin) follows suit and they are both navigating the past in an attempt to save their respective loved ones.

Outlander (S04E06) “Blood Of My Blood”

Directing for the second time on Outlander this season is Denise Di Novi. Paired with writing from Shaina Fewell, they pull this episode together with such beauty, it’s bound to be a favorite for many fans. Before we have time to get settled in our couch cushions we’re gifted with the return of yet another friendly face. Portrayed with excellence by David Berry, Lord John Gray makes a surprise visit to Fraser's Ridge. Last we saw his handsome face, Jamie’s son was a wee lad of just six years.

Outlander (S04E05) “Savages”

[Spoilers] This week’s title has us asking, Who exactly are the savages? It's not all savagery, as we learn an old friend is reunited with the clan.

Outlander (S04E03) “The False Bride”

[Spoiler] "The False Bride" gives us a glimpse into the relationship growing between Bree and Roger. While they attend a Highlander event, Claire and Jamie are making their way to what will soon become their new home in America.

Timeless (S02E09) & (S02E010) “The General/Chinatown”

The season finale of Timeless gives us a fitting ending and an open lifeboat door to a possible Season 3. I’m putting these two episodes together as they aired that way as a short movie length special. I doubt I’m alone when I say that it still wasn’t long enough.

Interview with Brendan Taylor

@cw_spn & @the_arrangement fans - it's time to get excited. We had the pleasure of interviewing Brendan Taylor and it's ready for you to feast your eyes upon! TYSM for letting us in @mrbrendantaylor! #SPN #DougieBear #TheArrangement #TheMagicians @MagiciansSYFY