9-1-1 (S03E12) “Fools”

How many times can you say the word “Fool” in an episode?!

Well, I’ll answer that – 3/4 times (I’m sorry, I’m not 100% sure).… More

Castle Rock (S02E09) “Caveat Emptor”

We say goodbye to a beloved character.

Right away this episode picked my interest. We saw a few scenes from last season in the preview and I knew we were going to get some answers.… More

9-1-1 (S03E09) “Fallout”

They just can’t catch a break!

9-1-1 is pretty good at dealing with sensitive topics and this week’s episode is no exception.… More

Castle Rock (S02E06) “The Mother”

And just like that, everything went crumbling down.

It’s not that I wasn’t already expecting the events of the episode, I just didn’t think it would happen this soon.… More