Westworld: “Kiksuya” (S02E08)



“Kiksuya” was one of the most powerful episodes of Westworld’s second season…possibly the series. Beautiful cinematography, lyrical writing, and powerful performances came together perfectly to completely destroy our hearts while also answering a few long time questions.… More “Westworld: “Kiksuya” (S02E08)”

Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner, Ridley Scott’s cult science fiction classic, has a special place in many cinephiles’ hearts. Its grim view of the future and questions about what makes us human have influenced the science fiction genre since its release in 1982.… More “Blade Runner 2049”

Atomic Blonde

For me, action films fall into two categories. Some are built around amazing set pieces with a cool story to set them up. Others are carried by a charismatic leads with commanding screen presence.… More “Atomic Blonde”

Baby Driver

Sometimes, the summer movie season can be an insufferably bland cinematic desert. This wasteland is filled with unnecessary sequels, silly reboots and just plain bad movies. Any unique movie is like a fleeting but utterly refreshing breeze.… More “Baby Driver”

Alien: Covenant

Prometheus divided fans of the Alien franchise because of its notorious lack of “xenomorphs,” the iconic, penis-headed movie monsters that we first encountered in 1979’s Alien.… More “Alien: Covenant”

Alien: Resurrection


Many fans of the Alien Franchise looked at Alien 3 as the abomination of the series. That’s probably the Newt-Hicks-Bishop fanboys talking…and I should know, I was one of them.… More “Alien: Resurrection”

Alien 3


My previous nostalgic reviews were about movies and shows that I loved when I was younger.  I thought it would be a nice change to tackle a film that I absolutely hated…Alien 3.More “Alien 3”