The Last Ship (S04E07) "Feast"

Let’s just say I took for granted being able to write up my first 5/6 reviews with all the time in the world. This episode 7 review is coming to you post-my first 2 days of classes after three months off, so my sleep-deprived self will do my best to give you a good write up of the episode as well as attempting to thoroughly and coherently share my thoughts on it.More “The Last Ship (S04E07) "Feast"”

The Last Ship (S04E04) "Nostros"

This weeks Slattery-centric episode began immediately where we left off in episode 3. Last week we saw Slattery separated from the crew, and to make things worse — he has the heavily-in-demand seeds… not to mention his ability to both protect the seeds and return to the crew is massively limited by injury, a stab wound inflicted last week by Lucia after she found out Chandler’s real identity.
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