Britannia (S01E02)

The action moves further as we get political and also magical. Antonius’s severed head carrying the papyrus parchment reaches Veran and he inturn decides to send his own message to Aulus, since he certainly didn’t follow Veran’s warnings to leave their land.… More

Britannia (S01E01)

The land of druids and magic vs the power and might of the Romans. Sounds like a simple tale of good vs evil? It's not. At all.

Supergirl (S03E04) "The Faithful"

It is a commonly known fact about me that I love the home planet of the last two Kryptonians, the one and only, the forever-blows-up planet: Krypton and so it was a major disappointment for me when season 2 didn’t really delve deep into the Krypton side of things.… More

Supergirl (S03E02) "Triggers"

This week’s episode continued the theme from previous week and the title absolutely and perfectly encompassed of all that the episode deals with.… More