Chicago PD (S05E01) "Reform"

The season premiere of Chicago PD aired last night with a short, but sweet goodbye to Sophia Bush’s beloved character, Erin Lindsay.… More

Chicago PD (S04E23): “Fork in the Road”

This episode was just as exciting as the preview talked it up to be. And while nobody’s life is in limbo like in Fire, this cliffhanger will be a difficult one to wait out for the next few months.… More

Chicago Fire (S05E22):”My Miracle”

Wow. Just wow.

This season finale feels far from a “finale,” as Chihards (Chicago fans) prepare to wait for the next season – morning the possible deaths of a handful of 51 firemen.… More

Chicago PD (S04E21): “Fagin”

I really enjoyed this episode of Chicago PD. It was fresh, funny, and heartwarming.

Hailey Upton, the officer Hank stole this episode’s case from,  would be a wonderful addition to Intelligence.… More

Chicago PD (S04E20): “Grasping for Salvation”

This episode of Chicago PD was interesting to watch, but honestly not that memorable. Maybe I am just stressed with personal matters, but after having finished watching the episode two hours ago, I am struggling to remember plotlines other than Hank’s persistence to bring justice to a potentially innocent person he and his team locked away for life seventeen years ago.… More