Chicago Med (S02E19): “Ctrl Alt”

“Ctrl Alt” brought a difficult day of work for the Chicago Med staff as they tried to help patients the old fashion way – with limited to no technology.… More

Chicago Fire (S05E18): “Take A Knee”

“Take A Knee” presented a handful of interesting storylines, but a few fell short. “Take A Knee” packed so much into an hour, it was wonderful to watch but also felt much longer than an hour.… More

Chicago Justice (S01E07): “Double Helix”

pisoLast night’s episode of Chicago Justice tackled a murder of a pregnant women. Her yoga friend murdered her in an attempt to steal her baby, but when the c-section goes array, she takes home the dead baby.… More

Chicago PD (S04E18): “Little Bit of Light”

“Little Bit of Light” was a nice, but slightly confusing episode of Chicago PD. I liked that they used a character who we had previously seen on the show in a negative light, but now he was the victim.… More

Chicago Fire (S05E17): “Babies and Fools”

hat”Babies and Fools” focused much more on the characters rather than accidents and fires. Dawson takes it upon herself to discover the mysteries behind her first call of the day, in which a baby was found in a storm sewer.… More

Chicago Justice (S01E05): “Friendly Fire”

“Friendly Fire” really wasn’t that friendly of a topic at all. When a young veteran is found dead in his house, Stone and his team find a computer chip in the stomach of the deceased. Through… More