Black Mirror (S04E06) "Black Museum"

The final episode of season 4 is a homage to all the episodes that came before it, but besides the clever references to past technologies from the series, Black Museum is a rushed mini-anthology episode (reminiscent of White Christmas) that relies on cheap thrills and light-gore to excite the audience – although it is saved by its twist ending, Black Museum is a shallow attempt at nailing in the prevailing themes of the series; providing possible closure to the Black Mirror, but without any notable bang.… More “Black Mirror (S04E06) "Black Museum"”

Black Mirror (S04E02) "Arkangel"

We tread into familiar territory with Arkangel, a quintessential Black Mirror episode which follows the usual formula: we are exposed to some new technology, we see the dangers of its implementation, and we learn a moral lesson through a personal story centred around the aforementioned tech.… More “Black Mirror (S04E02) "Arkangel"”

Preview: Black Mirror Season 4 (Netflix)

Tomorrow (December 29, 2017) marks the anticipated return of Black Mirror – one of Netflix’s most acclaimed, and disturbing, series. Heralded as The Twilight Zone of the 21st century, Black Mirror is a foreboding anthology series, with each episode showcasing a different aspect of current technology and suggesting the dark possibilities and extremes of said technology when taken to the next level.… More “Preview: Black Mirror Season 4 (Netflix)”

Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"

There is surprisingly little to discuss regarding this episode, but it concludes at the precipice of the final confrontation between Satoru and the killer.

Episode 11 gives us a glimpse at the activities of the camp, and more screen-time for the adorable Kumi, but mainly shows the scheming of Satoru, Sawada, and Kenya, as they try to lure the killer into admitting his crimes.… More “Erased (S01E11) "Episode 11"”

Erased (S01E09) "Episode 9"

To everyone’s surprise and joy, Satoru finally wakes up, and realizes he can’t remember anything that’s happened since February 1988.

The episode presented the expected aftermath of Satoru’s awakening – he’s told of what happened to him, needs to spend time rehabilitating his near-atrophied muscles, and is visited by his friends; but it’s done with much endearment.… More “Erased (S01E09) "Episode 9"”

Erased (S01E07) "Episode 7"

Young Satoru saves another soul, and closes in on the killer, in an episode that focuses on set-up (rather than delivery) of thriller-like action.

Setting their sights on Aya Nakanishi (a lonely girl from a neighboring primary school), Satoru and his pals work on befriending her.… More “Erased (S01E07) "Episode 7"”

Erased (S01E06) "Episode 6"

We’re halfway through the season, and a more thrilling second half seems inbound.

Episode 6 resolves Kayo Hinazuki’s part of the story, for now at least. After hearing about the stranger who entered the bus the night before (they look in the bag and find rope, boots, spray, and clothing; indicating that the stranger was the killer), Satoru takes Kayo home with him and asks his mother if she can help – turns out, she’s known all along about their plan, and she’s thrilled to be a part of it.… More “Erased (S01E06) "Episode 6"”

Erased (S01E05) "Episode 5"

In this episode, Satoru jumps back to the past and adopts a new strategy, while the series speeds into the presumable unknown.
The episode starts with a man called Sawada receiving a call from Satoru – Sawada reveals that he used to work with Satoru’s mother, and that before her murder they were looking back into the kidnappings.… More “Erased (S01E05) "Episode 5"”

Erased (S01E03) "Episode 3"

I won’t deny it, I really enjoyed this episode – particularly the latter half.

While the first half was relatively slow, it took important strides in further introducing Kayo’s abusive mother, and nice-guy fifth-grade teacher Gaku Yashiro (who is aware of Kayo’s abuse, and has tried alerting authorities in the past).… More “Erased (S01E03) "Episode 3"”

Erased (S01E01) "Episode 1"

After watching the first episode of Netflix’s live-action adaptation of the amazing Erased, I was left pleasantly surprised. I found myself as enchanted and pulled in as when I first watched the anime, and I can honestly say that this is one of the better live-action adaptations I’ve seen – so far, at least, and I’m hoping Netflix keeps this up throughout the rest of the season.… More “Erased (S01E01) "Episode 1"”

Preview: Erased (Netflix)

Erased (Boku ga Inai Machi) is one of my favorite anime from the past year or so, so when I found out that Netflix was producing a live-action adaptation of the series, I was both thrilled and skeptical (more on that later) – but first, what is Erased?… More “Preview: Erased (Netflix)”