Interview with Bootstraps

1. How did you come together as a group?

Well, Bootstraps is actually just me and has been since the jump.  I have some friends who help me articulate and flesh out songs in the studio, but it’s essentially a solo project where I write and produce the material. More “Interview with Bootstraps”

Birds of Prey

Birds of Prey is a big f*ck you to the system, and I enjoyed every second of it.

Birds of Prey was released today, and already has presold more tickets than any other DC movie besides Aquaman and the Joker.… More “Birds of Prey”

Interview with Seana Kofoed

At a certain point as an actor you realize you don’t have to ‘stay in your lane,’ that you can, and SHOULD, diversify.

Texicanas on Bravo

Calling all Bravo fans!  

Be sure to check out Bravo’s  latest show, Texicanas, starting May 7 at 10pm.

In a unique twist, “Texicanas” is told from the perspective of Penny Ayarzagoitia as she recounts the events ahead that lead to relationships unraveling and friends turning into foes.… More “Texicanas on Bravo”

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel premiered with the force of a teseract tonight to screens all across the country. SPOILERS AHEAD.

I was in one of those theaters.

The theater was packed, with a very diverse crowd, both age wise and ethnically.… More “Captain Marvel”

A Star Is Born

Director Bradley Cooper’s debut film sizzles just like the chemistry between him and Lady Gaga.

For a first film, this could be an instant classic.

Cooper plays Jackson Main (Jack) a country singer struggling with alcoholism and addiction to pills.… More “A Star Is Born”

Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) (S10E19) Life’s a Cabaret

On the season finale of RHONY:

Lu’s cabaret has it’s opening night, and it’s every bit as over the top as we’d hoped.

Dorinda gets pissed that John wasn’t invited (though she technically never asked him to be)

Lu looks and sounds fabulous as she struts her stuff on stage with her assorted guests, (including Sonja, who has a major wardrobe malfunction)

Everything would’ve been perfect, except for one thing:


More “Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) (S10E19) Life’s a Cabaret”