Real Housewives of New York City (RHONY) (S10E19) Life’s a Cabaret

On the season finale of RHONY:

Lu’s cabaret has it’s opening night, and it’s every bit as over the top as we’d hoped.

Dorinda gets pissed that John wasn’t invited (though she technically never asked him to be)

Lu looks and sounds fabulous as she struts her stuff on stage with her assorted guests, (including Sonja, who has a major wardrobe malfunction)

Everything would’ve been perfect, except for one thing:


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BelowDeckMed (S03E12) “Take this Job and Stew It”

After Conrad and Hannah split over 50 Euros during dinner, it’s Joao and Conrad’s turn.

One thing about BelowDeckMed, it’s never boring!

Conrad, still fuming over Hannah’s blow up over the money, is pouting in a corner when Jdouchebag or Jezi or J’s 50th alternate personality that’s surfaced so far, decides it’d be a good time to steal Conrad’s shoe like a 5th grade play ground bully.… More “BelowDeckMed (S03E12) “Take this Job and Stew It””

Interview with Michelle Lovretta

What can we expect this season for our Killjoys? The cheeky beginning to an epic end. We have twenty episodes left in our show – ten airing this summer starting July 20, and then a last ten episodes in season five airing at some later date. It gave us just enough time to fit in some backstory elements and little Easter eggs, while also ramping up to answer the big series arc questions and resolve relationships. It’s actually quite a lot to do!

Interview with Michael Sommers

Michael, thanks so much for taking time out of your schedule to talk to us.  I just want to say how much I appreciate it, and what a fan of Sense8 I am, and have been since the premier.

Michael is well known for his role as Bug, who was the reason Nomi landed in jail, and as a result, has Bug’s everlasting loyalty. … More “Interview with Michael Sommers”