Traces premieres

The six part drama will tell the story of three women who are linked by an emotional murder mystery case while working together at the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science (SIFA).… More

The L Word: Generation Q premieres

The series begins, 10 years after The L Word went off the air.

Like the original, Generation Q centers on a group of friends—in this case, returning leads Bette, Alice, and Shane as well as a younger, queerer cast of newcomers, namely androgynous fuckboi Finley; Latinx PR exec Dani; her partner, Afro-Dominican television producer Sophie; and their roommate, gay Asian trans TA Micah.… More

Truth Be Told premieres

Poppy Parnell a Pulitzer prize-winning investigative journalist turned successful true crime podcaster. She made her name two decades ago by writing a series of articles about a high-profile murder suspect named Warren Cave; 19 years ago, he was sentenced to life imprisonment for killing an author, Chuck Buhrman.… More

Virgin River premieres

Melinda Monroe answers an ad to work as a nurse practitioner in the remote California town of Virgin River, thinking it will be the perfect place to start fresh and leave her painful memories behind.… More

Reprisal premieres

Katherine Harlow is left for dead by her brother, Burt, a growling leader of a gang of car-loving renegades.… More

V Wars premieres

When an ancient virus creates vampires, Dr. Luther Swann, is determined to find a cure for the pathogen that causes vampirism to help his best friend, Michael Fayne, who is Patient Zero as well as the leader of the vampire faction as a result.… More

The Moodys premieres

Three grown children are each going through personal challenges as everyone gathers at the family home.

Upright premieres

Lucky is travelling cross-country in a clapped out sedan to visit his dying mother in Perth.… More

Servant premieres

It’s a psychological horror series following the story of Dorothy and Sean Turner, who have hired a young nanny to help care for their newborn son.… More