Pearson premieres

Jessica Pearson tries to redeem herself after she was disbarred as a high-powered attorney.

Jessica moves to Chicago as a high-powered fixer for Mayor Bobby Novak.… More

Pandora premieres

The series takes place at Earth’s Space Training Academy in the year 2199, and follows the story of a young woman named Jax who just lost her parents in an attack on their space-colony home and is on a quest of self-discovery.… More

Florida Girls premieres

It spotlights four chronically broke 20-somethings, dropped out of high school, single girlfriends. 

Pugnacious Kaitlin is the queen bee. Jayla is scheming to make her rich older boyfriend put a ring on it.… More

Dark Money premieres

The series tells the story of sexual abuse in Hollywood, and the efforts to cover it up.

The four-part drama focuses on The Mensahs, an ordinary working-class family from North London.… More

The Last Czars premieres

A docuseries about the Romanov family.

This docuseries delves into the family’s history and focuses on Nicholas II, the last Russian imperial ruler.… More

The Loudest Voice premieres

The series tells the story of Fox News founder Roger Ailes and his rise and ultimate fall from grace. The seven-part mini-series is about the repugnant life and sinister influence of Fox News behind-the-scenes maestro Roger Ailes.… More

The Rook premieres

Myfanwy Thomas who is employed by a secret branch of the British government,  called the Checquy, that deals with the paranormally gifted — discovers that she has enhanced capabilities as a series of letters and recorded messages lead her to her apartment, to her office and to meet an assortment of co-workers including the icy Linda Farrier, the inscrutable Conrad Grantchester, and the four-part consciousness-sharing Gestalt.… More

Family Business premieres

The six-part Netflix series follows an entrepreneur down on his luck who hopes to open his country’s first marijuana cafe but when he mixes family and friends into the picture the concoction ends up hilariously wrong.… More

Mr. Iglesias premieres

The series follows the life of high school history teacher, Gabe, as he attempts to keep his kids in line as the school they attend tries everything it can to remove them from the student body in order to increase district performance.… More