La Línea Invisible premieres

The Invisible Line is a six-part series about the origins story of Spain’s Basque terrorist organization ETA, and its first assassination of José civil guard Antonio Pardines on June 7, 1968 by the young group leader Txabi Etxebarrieta, later the organization’s first member killed in action

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Broke premieres

New on CBS.

Jackie is a single mom who tends bar, struggling to make ends meet, when one day comes the knock on her door: Her estranged sister Elizabeth and her wealthy husband, Javier have arrived unannounced, with Javer’s loyal assistant/driver, Luis in tow.… More “Broke premieres”

Unorthodox premieres

The four-episode miniseries, based on a bestselling memoir, tells the story of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish woman finding her own path.

Esty, who at 19 leaves her husband of one year, Yanky, for the unknown world outside her ultra-Orthodox enclave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.… More “Unorthodox premieres”

The Nest premieres

A Glasgow-set surrogacy thriller which explores the life-changing consequences of a wealthy couple asking a teenage girl to carry their baby.

Dan and Emily are madly in love and have been trying for a baby for years – with an enormous house in the poshest area of the Glasgow area, the only thing missing from their perfect lives is a child.… More “The Nest premieres”

Vampires premieres

A Paris teen who’s half human, half vampire grapples with her emerging powers and family turmoil as she’s pursued by a secret vampire community.

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Feel Good premieres

Mae, a Canadian stand-up comic now living and somewhat working in London. With little prelude, Mae plunges into a torrid relationship with George and in less than a montage, they’re living together in George’s flat with Phil Burgers’ Phil.… More “Feel Good premieres”

Penance premieres

A gritty three-part drama with a family struggling with grief at its heart.

It tells the story follows the lives of Luke Douglas, his wife Rosalie, and their teenage daughter, Maddie.

Following the loss of their son, Rosalie and Luke find their marriage under immense strain.

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Belgravia premieres

The series will follow the romance between humble Sophia Trenchard and her aristocrat lover Edmund Bellasis.

The two families, who are on opposite ends of the social hierarchy, have a burning secret between them which will change their lives forever.
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Devs premieres

A show about a tech company’s lack of moral boundaries and the consequences of its growing authority.

Young software engineer Lily Chan lives in present-day San Francisco and becomes suspicious of the tech company she works for, Amaya, after her boyfriend disappears.… More “Devs premieres”

Noughts and Crosses premieres

The series is set in an alternate universe where affluent black people, known as Crosses, rule over an underclass of white people, known as Noughts.

Mixing between the two races is forbidden but when Callum, a nought, and Sephy, a cross, fall in love, their world view is turned upside down in this Romeo and Juliet-esque tale.

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McDonald & Dodds premieres

The show is about two detectives, who are thrown together with seemingly nothing in common who go on to forge a rumbustious, entertaining and ultimately effective partnership.

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Stateless premieres

Inspired by the real-life story of German-Australian woman Cornelia Rau; Stateless is a drama about four people — a woman escaping a cult, a refugee, a father trapped in a dead-end job and a bureaucrat on the verge of a national scandal — and how their lives converge at an immigration detention camp in the desert.… More “Stateless premieres”

Unstoppable premieres

A Mexican teenage drama that chronicles the life of three free-spirited women who set out on a road trip to do some soul searching but are forced to take a detour by a mysterious stranger.

Rocio, Vera, and Carlota, each belonging to an affluent family, are dealing with their personal issues.… More “Unstoppable premieres”

Queen Sono premieres

A spy thriller about a South African secret agent.

A covert operative on her mission to uncover international conspiracy unearths dirty secrets about her government and fights tooth and nail to seek justice for her country and her people.… More “Queen Sono premieres”