Avenue 5 premieres

The problem facing the crew and passengers of Avenue 5 — a massive space-cruise-ship in the not too distant future on its maiden 8-week cruise around Saturn — has to do with its trajectory.… More

Ares premieres

Rosa is a medical student. She works hard and takes care of her mother while her father works the night shifts.… More

Cobra premieres

Prime Minister Robert Sutherland and his Chief of Staff Anna Marshall are trying to lead the country through a national emergency that no one saw coming.… More

The Outsider premieres

Set in a small town in rural Georgia, the show opens with the discovery of the horribly mutilated body of 11-year-old Frankie Peterson.… More

Deadwater Fell premieres

The series follows the aftermath of a fire that breaks out at Kate and Tom’s big, beautiful house in the forest.

White House Farm premieres

The series tells the story of how the murders of the same name unfolded, and how killer Jeremy Bamber was brought to justice.


Party Of Five premieres

In this reboot, its central family, the Acostas, are middle-class and Mexican-American who were split via more contemporary, politically relevant circumstances: When ICE agents raid the family’s restaurant, the heads of the Acosta household admit they don’t have papers and are taken into custody.… More