Fortunate Son premieres

The show is set a year earlier in British Columbia, and follows an American family that helps war deserters and draft dodgers find solace amid social and political chaos.… More

Zoey Extraordinary Playlist premieres

Zoey is just another computer coder at a typical San Francisco tech company. But when she goes to the doctor for an MRI, which is made less claustrophobic by adding music to the procedure an earthquake overloads the system and bombards Zoey with musical input as her brain is being scanned.… More

Deputy premieres

When the current sheriff of Los Angeles County suddenly dies in office of a heart attack, the longest-serving member is appointed as his temporary replacement.… More

Dracula premieres

This adaptation revels in the Gothic horror of the original Bram Stoker novel.

The show starts with the lawyer Jonathan Harker who is dispatched to Count Dracula’s labyrinthine castle for work.… More

Messiah premieres

A young preacher wants to share his message of peace and love with the world but the CIA has other ideas.… More

The Gloaming premieres

Set in Tasmania, the plot is ostensibly a detective story, a murder investigation led by two unorthodox cops, Alex and Molly.… More

El Vecino premieres

The Neighbor follows the story of a hapless man, who one day inadvertently gains a mysterious power.… More

Dare Me premieres

Beth Cassidy, the almost brutally driven “top girl” of her high school cheerleading squad and her right-hand woman, Addy, enjoy a certain kind of status among their peers, and wield a frequently abusive amount of power over the younger women on the squad, all of whom are eager to please and terrified of consequences should they fail.… More