Queer Eye (S01E01) "You Can’t Fix Ugly"

captura de pantalla 2018 04 09 20 00 26 - Queer Eye (S01E01) "You Can't Fix Ugly"
“The original show was fighting for tolerance, our fight is for acceptance”, this quote by Tan France resumes perfectly the show. This is, their goal, their Leitmotive, their essence, and it’s also a solemn pledge they make to the viewers, and they live up to it
It’s not the only promise, Anthony Porowski is the one in charge of making their second pledge: “my goal is to figure out how we are similar as opposed to how different we are”

And with this two motto, it starts the show, and it’s what I call a perfect beginning.… More “Queer Eye (S01E01) "You Can’t Fix Ugly"”

Petition: Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Renew Campaign]


This petition has been created by the fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine in order to convince the network (Fox) to renew the show for its 6th season.
The fans hope to bring attention to this show with an outstanding quality that has won two Golden Globe Awards, one for the best TV show and another one for Best Actor (Andy Samberg) and two Critics’ Choice Television Award Best Supporting Actor (Andre Braugher), and also to its diversity, specially Captain Holt and Rosa Diaz who have become the symbols of the kind of intersectional representation that the people have been asking for.More “Petition: Brooklyn Nine-Nine [Renew Campaign]”