Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) ” The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now “

One episode before the mid-season finale!!!
And finally we had some answers at to what happened to the stadium and the community.
As you might remember, last week we saw Alicia, Strand and Luciana about to start a fight with the vultures, but before everything started, Naomi appeared driving the rover and Alicia lost it, (it seems that something happened regarding Madison’s well being, which still we don’t know for sure) So the younger Clark shot Naomi but John intercepted the bullet first, now his life is hanging in there.… More “Fear The Walking Dead (S04E07) ” The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now “”

The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"

Episode 2 gave us the answers to our questions about What the hell happened at the bunker this past 6 years?
We say hello to a new side of Octavia and goodbye to a controversial character.

In the past season, Octavia won the conclave for the right to take the bunker and survive the radiation.… More “The 100 (S05E02) "Red Queen"”

The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"

And The 100 is back on!

Season 5 started and I must say, from the past seasons this is one of the most fantastic premiers.

Season 4 left us with a cliffhanger showing us that along the way Clarke met a young nightblood called Madi and they’ve been living together, while the rest of the group where divided between the underground and the space.… More “The 100 (S05E01) "Eden"”